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Robot Vision

ISRA - Intelligent Systems Robotics and Automation - transformed results longtime basic research in industrial progress. The core competence is thoroughly innovative:

. Development of application-specific software for sophisticated intelligent machine vision systems, compatible with marketable standard hardware and software components - ISRA BrainWARE®  In the future, the machine vision system, the hardware and software integrated, be the key technology of automation - in virtually all industries. Consistently aligned globally, ISRA aims to global leaders in technology competency and efficiency for Robot Vision and Surface Vision in the relevant markets taking. Targeted know-how development, the company has been developing for establishing to develop continuously new applications and industries. Not least, the dynamic sales growth reflects the appreciation of BrainWARE® resist - benefits for ISRA customers and for ISRA shareholders.  We offer efficient Machine Vision solutions for automation of highly complex tasks in the main applications:  Robot Vision - Seeing in the third dimension, robot guidance for difficult tasks such as positioning, assembly, handling or painting. Globally unique range of products from 2D to 6D.  Surface Vision - Guaranteed quality with 100% inspection of demanding surfaces of web materials such as glass, foils, plastics at high speeds or complex paint finished surfaces (such as bodies, domestic appliances, components). Cost-effective, fast, reliable, repeatable control of objective criteria.   Quality Inspection -. Quality control in for part inspection, code identification and measurement technology in the context of just-in-time production  Our success story is characterized by the dynamic growth in recent years and . hundreds of installed projects for well-known customers from the main branches glass, automotive, plastics, fabric, foil, film and logistics Our office locations Our market positioning we focus in the following directions:  · As a partner and supplier of application-oriented standard systems for selected   industries · developments for new applications with global reach · as module supplier for OEMs and system integrators.

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