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Series expansion, shoulder insert from semi-finishing to finishing side & bottom face ZPMT-PL type for QM MAX

Dijet Industrial Co., Ltd
Dijet Industrial Co., Ltd

Machining cutter

DIJET introduced cemented carbide to industries and has worked for innovation of carbide tools and the evolution of machining with our own technology since establishment in 1938. DIJET brought innovative technologies into the worldwide market, like the first practical use for CERMET (which is quite common now a day) based on powder metallurgy cultivated on manufacturing of carbide, development of ball nose end mills and drills with HOSOI geometry on cutting edge for cutting tools, and end mills with helical cutting edges. Even now, DIJET continues to develop its own technology like mono-block diamond products, gear-forming dies with carbide, and carbide material with saving rare metals, marketing domestically, and all over the world. 
With our guaranty of high-quality products, we earn the trust of customers because we develop carbide material, finish products and additionally consistency manufacturing from mixing of raw material. 
It is impossible to produce present-day products without machining like cutting or forming, and even the latest frontiers would not progress without machining. In this time of worldwide competition, DIJET challenges new fields and contributes to the world with “creation” and “original technology development” as our philosophy.

DIJET has worked for progress of technology as primary occupation of carbide tool manufacturer since established in 1938. Due to the stock of total technologies and affluent know-how by consistent manufacturing from powder mixing to complete products, DIJET can provide stable and high-quality products of various demands from customers. DIJET has various materials like carbide, coated carbide, CERMET, PCD and CBN… and various products, even custom-made from customer demands. Stock of total technologies and affluent know-how by consistent manufacturing from powder mixing to complete products makes it possible to meet various demands from customers. Consistent manufacturing is able to repeat quality and earn trust from customers.

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