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Coi Technology Srl
Coi Technology Srl

Gas valves

WITH TECHNOLOGY  operating for over 40 years in the field of pressure systems and specializes in the design, development and distribution of safety valves, high and low pressure gases, vapors and liquids. Safety valves With Technology are full nozzle and raised total and are flanged (DIN / UNI, ANSI, attacks clamp) or threaded GAS / NPT.

The technical staff Coi Technology with its know-how and many years of experience on the field is always attentive to all forms of cooperation in the study and research of better quality and cheaper solutions for the customer.

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Coi Technology Srl
Via della Liberazione 29 / D,
20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI),
Tel: +39-02-36689480

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