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Chemtrols Industries Ltd.

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Batch Controller, Becker Control Valves, Mooney Pressure Regulators, Chemtrols Rotameter & Oxygen Analyzer

Chemtrols Industries Ltd.
Chemtrols Industries Ltd.

Flow Metering and Custody Transfer

Founded in 1975, Chemtrols traces its origins to the Control of Processes in the Chemical Process Industries. The foresight and vision of its founder coupled with the commitment of all those who believed in the potential and future of the company, has propelled Chemtrols to a leadership position in the Industry today. Chemtrols Industries Ltd. is a leading solutions provider in Process Analytics, Environment and Emission Monitoring, Flow and Terminal Automation, Process Instrumentation, Steam Engineering, and Utility Management Systems. As a specialized service provider we cater to various industries like Cement, Steel, Oil & Gas, Power, Fertilizer, Chemicals & Petrochemicals etc.

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Chemtrols Industries Ltd.
Amar Hill,Saki Vihar Road,
Powai, Mumbai – 400072
Tel: +91-22-6715 1200
URL: www.chemtrols.com

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