IR Vacuum Reflow - IR Vaccum Reflow with Hydrogen up to 100%

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ATV Technologie GmbH
ATV Technologie GmbH

IR Vacuum Reflow

ATV was founded in 1972.

In 1982 the PEO-601, the multi purpose, fast ramping bench top process furnace with quartz glass process tube was developed. It is suitable for 40 wafers, 100 mm. Some 200 have been sold world wide.

At the end of 1990 the PEO-602 and the 603 became ready for sale. It is suitable for maximum 50 wafers, 200 mm. Over 180 have been sold world wide. In 2006 the 300 mm furnace PEO-612 became available. In 2008 the PEO series got a new member, the PEO 604, designed for hazardous and complex processes, like LPCVD, Hydrogen annealing or wet oxidation. Already 25 are sold.

The applications for this PEO series furnaces range from wafer bump reflow, polyimide curing, SiAu, SiAl, SiMo alloying, post He implanting annealing, diffusion, LPCVD, wet/dry thermal oxidation, thick film paste firing, to Si epitaxy. Based on the PEO-603 a LTCC sintering press was made and sold several times now.

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