Company : SEALCORE S.r.l.

Category : Valves Actuators and Positioners

Key Products : Bearing & Washers For Ball And Butterfly Valves, Rubber O Rings & Metal O Rings, Spring Energized Seals, High-Performance Polymers Tubes & Sleeves, Valve Components

The SEALCORE Network is the result of the union of some entrepreneurial Italian companies active for many years in the production of customized articles to drawing and technical components for various industrial sectors. Our company products contain Made in Italy Quality, a complete service to meet the needs of the global market and a wide range of technical products: Standard and Endless O-Rings, Rotary Shaft Seals, Industrial Components in Rubber-to-Metal, Elastomer, Liquid Silicon, PTFE and HPP – High Performance Polymers.

The Companies of the SEALCORE Network are active in these World Wide industries: Aerospace - Wind - Mining and earth moving machines - Primary Metals – Pulp & Paper - Naval & Marine - Aerospace - Food - Automotive - Automation - Chemical and Petrochemicals - Pharmaceutical - Hydraulic, Heating & Sanitary Systems - Dynamic Sealing - Heavy Duty and General Industry.

Bearing & Washers for Ball and Butterfly Valves

Bearing & washers for Ball and Butterfly Valves guarantee superior performance. These bearing and washer occupy less space in the applications and are resistant to impacts and to vibrations. Bearing & washers for Ball and Butterfly Valves load capacity will be both static and dynamic. They provide the best performance in terms of chemical resistance in contact with various substances. Bearing & Washers can be used both at low and high temperatures.

rubber Orings

rubber Orings are produced with large dimensions (min. ID 200,00 mm) with an innovative production system based on a step - compression molding process.

These are the advantages of rubber Orings we can offer at our customers:

  • No limit in the inside diameter
  • No tooling costs, never!
  • No minimum quantity (you can buy only one piece)
  • Tolerances according ISO 3601-1 / -3
  • Mechanical performances as O-rings produced with the "traditional" process (compr. / injec. molding)
  • Fast deliveries (Xpress service)
  • Personalization of the O-ring (Personal service)

Spring Energized Seals

Fluorten srl designs and manufactures SES - Spring Energized Seals - in a wide range of PTFE and HPP - High performance polymers – materials, thanks to their high performances. This spring energized seals are suitable for the following industrial and engineering applications.

Our spring energized seals are used in:

  • Aero hydraulics & Pneumatic Systems
  • Coolers
  • Cryogenic Swivels
  • Diesel Engines
  • Filling Machines
  • Flange connections
  • Fuel Control Systems
  • Gas Turbine Engines
  • HPLC Pumps
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Low Friction Pneumatics
  • Medical & Laboratory Instrumentations
  • Oil Field Equipment

High Performance Polymers Tubes & Sleeves

Fluorten developed high knowledge in manufacturing VICTREX®PEEK and PCTFE semi finished products (High performance polymers Tubes & Sleeves). These high performance polymers tubes and sleeves play an important role into the Fluorten semi finished technical supplied products in order to cover a wider range of applications.

Rods and Sleeves are suitable for manufacturing sealing elements and technical mechanical elements for industrial applications where high accuracy and dimensional stability is required. Different technologies are used to manufacture VICTREX®PEEK and PCTFE sleeves (High performance polymers Tubes & Sleeves), depending on the final size and material performances. Dimensions of semi finished products are available into a wide range of diameters.

Valve Components

Fluorten is renowned manufacturer of valve components such as seals, seats, spring energized and gland packing in PTFE and HPP - High Performance Polymers. These industrial valve components are capable to satisfy engineering demand like for instance temperatures from cryogenic (-196°C) to 288 °C and, for short periods, up to 482 °C.

Thanks to the partnerships with most important worldwide producers of polymers, Fluorten can provide high quality engineering customized parts manufactured in pure and filled PTFE , modified PTFE (Dyneon™ TFM™), HPP - High Performance Polymers - like VICTREX®PEEK, DuPot™Vespel®, PCTFE, PA 6.12 and more on demand.

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