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Key Products : Gate And Ball Valves, Electric Automation Valves

Modentic Industrial Corporation manufactures cast and forged high-quality industrial and pharmaceutical valves.


Our range of industrial and pharmaceutical valves includes metal-seated ball valves / soft-seated ball valves; API 6D floating and trunnion-mounted ball valves; API 607 fire safe approved ball valves; API 6D gates; check valve; high-purity tube bore forged ball valves; automation valves and special alloy valves. Modentic valves are made from stainless plant, alloy 20, hastelloy C, titanium and duplex alloys. The company's products are characterised by quality, safety, easy operation, simple in-line maintenance and long life cycle.


Modentic manufactures high-quality industrial valves as well as high-purity stainless plant valves and fittings for mining, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, ship-building, chemical tanker, paper mill, power plant, refinery and water treatment industries.


About Modentic


With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, Modentic is strongly positioned to support customers worldwide. Modentic's total commitment to quality covers all aspects of design, manufacturing, testing and servicing. The company has been accredited with ISO 9001, CE, GL, DNV, API 607, API 6D, CRN and TRD-ADW certifications.


Automation ball valves

Modentic's automation ball valves are supplied with a range of fully tested automated accessories.

The company offers a fully compliant ultra high-purity ball valve that fulfils the stringent guidelines of ASME/BPE. The ultra high-purity ball valve is designed for biotechnology, semiconductor, microelectronics and pharmaceutical applications (especially in high-purity clean tubing systems). The ultra high-purity ball valve is manufactured in sizes ranging from 1in to 4in.

Fire safe ball valves

API607 fire safe approved ball valves

Modentic has been manufacturing API 6D ball / gate / check valves for the oil and gas industries for over 20 years. Modentic's API 6D trunnion-mounted ball / gate / check valves are produced in a wide range of sizes between 2in to 28in - and within the following classes: 150, 300, 600, 900 and 1,500.

Mounted ball valves

Our forged and cast trunnion mounted ball valves are API 6D approved

Fire Safe Approved Ball Valves For Flammable Applications

Modentic's fire safe ball valves are tested and conform to the API-607 5th edition standard - the designation for fire safe tests developed by the American Petroleum Institute for soft-seated ball valves. The company's wide range of API 607 fire safe approved ball valves are suitable for petroleum and other flammable applications throughout the refining, chemical and petro-chemical industries.

Pneumatic / Electric Automation Valves

Modentic manufactures a wide range of pneumatic automation valves and electric automation valves. These automation valves are designed for easy mounting with electric motors and pneumatic actuators.

Temperature Resistant Special Alloy Ball Valves

The company manufactures a wide range of special alloy ball valves using austenitic alloy, super austenitic alloy, nickel base alloy, duplex alloy and titanium alloy. The special alloy ball valves are suited for a variety of demanding
services that require high temperatures.

Ultra- high purity ball valves

The Modentic V-flow ball valves have equal percentage flow characteristics, while the slotted balls have linear flow characteristics. As the ball rotates, desired flow rates can be achieved by positioning the ball between 0 and 90. This enables the V-flow ball valve with high flow capacity and outstanding repeatability in manufacturing processes. The V-flow ball valves also feature characterized balls with various port shapes, including V or slotted (either manual or automated).

Special alloy ball valves

Special alloy ball valves made from nickel base alloy, duplex alloy, titanium alloy, austenitic alloy and super austenitic alloy

Our high-pressure ball valves are well suited for a variety of demanding services where high pressure and abrasive solids are present. The high-pressure ball valves are equipped with a working pressure range of 3,000psi to 6,000psi. Typical applications for high-pressure ball valves can be found in petrochemical, oil refining, sulphur removal, etc.

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