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Established in 1981, Camel Precision Co., Ltd provides high quality products. We focus on hydraulic pumps, valves and systems for 35 years. The product range of Camel Precision includes Shoes making machines, bending machines, CNC machines, injection molding machines etc. When the hydraulic components and items needed, we will be the option to supply.

Our company’s quality products are highly recognized domestically and globally. Nevertheless, providing top quality products and service to all industries is our company’s long term policy goal.

Variable Displacement Vane Pump

We are one of the leading variable Vane Pump manufacturers across the globe. Variable Displacement Vane Pump contains high efficiency operation with minimum power loss. It releases very low noise when operating. Our company manufactures Variable Displacement Vane Pump depending on various functional and hydraulic system requirements such as operating medium, required range of pressure, type of drive, and so on.

Variable Displacement Vane Pump features:

These pumps include compactness and simple design, space saving and easy operation. VCM, SF, DF Displacement Pumps are known for sturdy structure for high efficiency and long service life.

Hydraulic Variable Displacement Pumps

Hydraulic Variable Displacement Pumps have build-in pressure setting, maintaining pressure at 3kg/ cm2; protect pipe line of cooling system. VCM SF CG Hydraulic Pumps are rapidly tests proven and they are used to combine with proper cooler. By reducing size of reservoir, Hydraulic Variable Displacement Pumps could save space and volume of hydraulic oil. At the end, it saved cost.

Features of Hydraulic Variable Displacement Pumps

  • Combine the characteristics of both high and low pressure pumps, applicable to for high-low pressure system.
  • Power saving, low noise and smooth operation. Best choice for hydraulic system design for engineer.
  • Compactness, minimize space and energy saving.
  • Excellent performance gear pump could be used as a high pressure source or use as cooling system.
  • SAE standard flange

IGH, IGM Industrial Pumps

IGH, IGM Industrial Pumps have low pulsation and smooth rotation. They emit extremely low noise and high pressure. The max pressure of IGH, IGM Industrial Pumps is 300 kgf/cm². They have high overall efficiency through axial & radial pressure compensation.

Features of IGH, IGM Industrial Pumps:

  • Good suction attribute and wide oil viscosity range.
  • Displacement from 3.5 to 125 c.c. and multiple stage pumps are available.

Hydraulic Valves & Directional Valves

Hydraulic Valves & Directional Valves are 100% inspected, high and stable quality. These solenoid operated directional valves have high pressure, large volume, low noise, smooth switch over movement. Hydraulic Valves & Directional Valves consists of ISO standard measurements, high interchangeability and they are easy to install.

Features of Hydraulic Valves & Directional Valves:

  • Duo orifice designed, low resistance, high efficiency.
  • Water & dust proof electric solenoid, high safety designed.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum operating pressure    315 kgf / cm2
  • Rated flow capacity    63 LPM
  • Maximum tank line back pressure    100 kgf / cm2
  • Maximum frequencies of operation    240 C.P.M. (AC, DC)
  • Filtration recommended    25 Micron or less
  • Hydraulic fluids    Mineral oil, recommendation temperature 0 ~ 55° C
  • Max. Temperature range -25 ~ 90 °C
  • Viscosity 10 ~ 400 CST

CNC Machine Power Units

Our CNC Machine Power Units save space and they are more compact. These power units reduce the hydraulic oil capacity for cost down. CNC Machine Power Units pressure setting is built in circulating pump 3kgf/cm2), the effective protection of cooling system piping. They have unique patented link design to reduce the length of the combination of variable vane pump & circulating pump. They have small fuel tank to save space. With the suitable cooler, the cooling effect is more effective than the traditional oil return (DRAIN).

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