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Sifam Tinsley: - Instrumentation for all applications

Sifam Tinsley is the leading UK supplier of electrical metering, monitoring, and control devices for the electrical and automation industry with 75 years of experience in the industry. The product range includes transducers, isolators, multifunction meters, digital panel meters, and so on. We provide metering solutions for all market segments including; the power industry, food and beverage, IT, chemical industry, automotive industry, and white industry.

Multifunction Meters

Sifam Tinsley Multi function meters MFM provide measurement and display of all major electrical and power quality parameters including true rms values, power quality data and measurement of harmonic distortion up to the 51st within low and medium voltage applications.  Designed to meet customer requirements the range offers various optional outputs covering pulsed, analogue, PT Input, digital I/O and communication outputs.


  • Power supply system in industrial facilities
  • Power industry (substations, generators, turbines)
  • Heating industry (heat and power plants, boiler rooms)
  • Monitoring of power network parameters
  • Monitoring of power quality and consumption

Analogue Meters

Sifam:- Specializes in the designing and manufacturing of analogue meters

All Sifam meters have moving coil movements and are generally available for use on AC or DC as ammeters, milliammeters and voltmeters. All models incorporate taut band movements offering sensitivity as low as 50µA conforming to BS89, EN 60051 and IEC 60051. Most can be optimized to individual preferences with a range of options to include supply type, signal input values, bezel style and more. If you are not familiar with the Sifam range of meters our Meter Selector can assist in choosing the meter best suited for its purpose. The Meter Selector presents multiple options that filter your preferences to offer the most appropriate meter for your application. If styling is critical, just click on the image of your choice to discover its suitability for your project.

Tinsley: - Tinsley provides a wide range of products that range from transformer testers to submarine cable equipment.

Tinsley Precision Instruments is a leading provider of equipment for survey, location and fault finding of submarine and buried cables supporting the increasing demand for efficient subsea cable maintenance. We provide the tools to locate and identify damage to fibre optic, telephone and power cable systems to ensure that repairs can be performed in a timely manner, maximising the return on your cable system investment.

We offer complete end to end solutions, including equipment for use on board ships for the detection of submarine cables buried or laid on the sea bed and also identifying different faults such as fibre faults, shunt faults and complete breaks. Our portfolio also includes submarine cable survey and tracking systems, devices that aid locating and identifying telephone cables, cable survey systems designed for use by divers working in areas where it may not be practical to use an R.O.V. and several portable devices including those used onshore to identify cables on the beach. Supporting are extensive range of submarine cable testing equipment, Tinsley provides calibration, service and repair services together with technical support and advice from our in-house experts.

Portable Short Haul Submarine Cable Test Set 5910

Sifam Tinsley is known as the leading submarine cable products, suppliers & manufacturers.    The portable short haul submarine cable test set 5910 includes the latest technology to the tested DC methods of cable fault location. General test procedures that are associated with the location of cable fault such as ‘open circuits’ and ‘shunt faults’ are pre-programmed into the instrument. This helps to carry out the procedure to be carried out automatically therefore removing operator errors and reducing the uncertainty of fault position prediction.

The instrument may be set for a range of voltages and currents making it suitable for use with most un-repeatered submarine communication cable systems. The RS232 interface is designed for full duplex communication with the instrument. All functions may be controlled via a computer and obtained data may be stored for future analysis. This interface may also be used to enable two 5910's to communicate with each other via a computer when carrying out double ended tests such as "no loss of current".

A basic electroding generator function is included which can assist the cable repair vessel in locating the cable on the sea bed prior to retrieval and repair.

Electroding Generator Model 5915

The Tinsley Electroding Generator, type 5915, has been developed with British Telecom to locate Submarine Telephone Cables. For this model, the company has used well-established electroding technique. The unit is self-contained, desk top mounting, enabling tests to be carried out without the power feed connected to the cable under test.

The 5915 Tinsley Electroding Generator is proposed as a help to cable repair ships in locating and identifying telephone cables. The Electroding Generator energises the Submarine Cable with a low frequency sine wave signal of up to 500mA at 500 Volts peak to peak. The Electroding Generator is located in the terminal station normally nearest to the fault area and connected to the cable under test by means of two safety probes built-in the instrument.

Electroding Detector Model 5916

The Tinsley 5916 Electroding Detector is the idyllic equipment for use on board ship when the electroding method is being employed for the detection of submarine cables buried or laid on the sea bed. This light weight and portable instrument can be mains powered or can be operated for several hours from its own internal, rechargeable battery pack.

Ideally suited for use with the Tinsley Electroding Generators, the 5916 will also operate with any generator operating in the frequency range 4 to 40Hz.

Beach Probe & Battery Powered Portable Electroding Detectors

Beach Probe & Battery Powered Portable Electroding Detectors (5917/5918 Electroding Probe and Detector system) is a high gain low frequency selective Receiver/Amplifier to detect the electromagnetic field from a submarine cable energised by the Tinsley 5915 Electroding generator or similar. The 5917 Beach Probe and 5917D Divers Probe are inductive probes suitable for receiving 15 to 30Hz signals emanating from a suitably energised submarine cable.

The 5918 detector amplifies, filters, and indicates the signal received at the selected frequency. At the highest gain setting a 10µV RMS input signal at the correct frequency will give a full scale reading on the analogue front panel meter. The 5918 electroding detector is completely self-contained in a portable carry case with shoulder strap. Integral rechargeable batteries are included and a separate mains power module is supplied to recharge them.

In use the 5918 detector is connected to the receiving probe, either a Tinsley type 5917 Beach probe or 5917D Divers Probe. The exact operating frequency is selected on the thumbwheel switches and the gain switch is adjusted to obtain a useful indication of the signal. A frequency of either 16.7Hz or 25Hz is recommended when using the 5917 Probes. An audible output  signal is available which can be heard by using the plug in headphones supplied. The larger the signal received the higher the frequency heard. A volume control is provided for adjustment of loudness.

Cable Termination Unit Type 5941

The Tinsley 5941 CTU is the ideal termination unit for non-repeatered submarine cables. It offers a simple method of selecting an open or short circuit condition and a safe means of discharging the cable. The unit is designed to enable the Test Engineer to safely and simply connect other Tinsley test instruments to the system for fault location and electroding.

The Tinsley 5941 CTU also incorporates a Cable Condition Monitor. Any changes in the Submarine Cable electrical characteristics are automatically detected and an alarm is triggered. An output from the alarm is also available for connection to outside devices.

The unit can be connected to the cable via a dedicated cable connected to the fibre optic cable metallic conductor. Alternatively, the fibre optic cable can be routed into the CTU with a direct path through the unit for the optical fibres. Options that can be set at the time of installation enable the unit to be used with a wide range of cable lengths and types.

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