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Key Products : Hydraulic Hose & Tubing Processing Equipment, Hydraulic Hoses For Hydraulic Systems

OP SRL was founded thirty years ago with the aim of producing equipment for hydraulic hoses for hydraulic systems. Quality and Research in developing new products, determination and entrepreneurial spirit: these are the key success factors of OP SRL, a company based in Brescia that has made a name for itself in the international market of hydraulic hose and tubing processing equipment.


OP SRL boasts of a wide range of products and a remarkable service in a number of foreign markets. The steady growth of the company is also a result of its sales network expanding at a global level, together with considerable investments allocated to the R&D department to ensure the constant development of new products.


The oil hydraulic flexible hose and tubing machining equipment manufactured by OP SRL allows any kind of processing, from cutting to testing, and at all production levels, from small hand-made lots to electronically controlled industrial manufacturing.


They are specialized in crimping machine, cutting machine, skiving, fitting assembly inserts, testing equipment and multi-functional units.


Crimping Hydraulic Hoses



The new Tubomatic V220 ES volume crimping machine is ideal for crimping hydraulic hoses up to 3" six spirals and industrial hose up to 6".

Main Features:

  • Self lubricating moving components.
  • New ES4 electronic control with touch screen colour display.
  • New silent pump.
  • "6 o'clock position" die in fixed position for greater stability of the hose during crimping.
  • Particularly narrow crimping head for crimping pipe ends with large flanges or 90° couplings.
  • Back limit switch
  • Protractor for orientator fittings
  • Hydraulic power pack included

Hose Cutting Machine TF5

Hose Cutting Machine TF5

TF5 is ideal for cutting flexible hydraulic hoses up to 3" six spirals. Fume extractor is provided upon request.

Main Features:


  • Self breaking motor (7,5 Kw).
  • Suction connection.
  • Stroke counter.
  • Ø 520 mm serrated blade.
  • Cutting speed adjustment device.
  • Automatically centring support base.
  • Pedal-equipped pneumatic control.
  • Drawer for cleaning the cutting machine internally.

Fitting Pre-Assembling Machine

Insert 02/P is designed to achieve a perfect fitting preassembling on hoses (up to 2" in diameter) before they are crimped.

Main Features:


  • Pneumatic pump

Hose Skiving Machine

This device is capable of simultaneously or separately skiving the interior and exterior surface of hydraulic hoses as well as obtaining a perfect preassembly of the fittings thanks to the insertion function it is provided with.

Main Features:


  • Self-centering pneumatic clamp.
  • Device for centring the return stroke of the piston which allows accelerating the skiving and insertion function.
  • Safety device which prevents the actuation of the machine when the safety casing is open.
  • Drawer for shavings.

Multi Parameter Test Stand

From 800 up to 2000 bars water test bench provided with pneumatic-hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic Bending Machines

Based on the combination of several tools, this multifunctional mobile unit allows carrying out all operations required to machining rigid hydraulic tubes: cutting, internal and external deburring, bending, pre-assembling rings according to the DIN 2353 standards, 37° flaring of rigid stainless steel (AISI 316 TI) and carbon steel (ST 37.4) rigid tubes, for 6 to 42 mm and 4 mm thick fittings complying with the SAE and JIC standards. This device is also provided with a small compressor for internal cleaning of the tubes.

Crimping Machine S500ES

Among the many new equipments launch in 2014, OP is proud to introduce two new models of crimping machines, both conceived for operating of hoses provided with particularly cumbersome flanges in terms of dimensions and section. We are talking of Tubomatic S220ES (6”) and Tubomatic S500ES (12”).

The two machines are characterised by the considerable overall opening of the head - such to facilitate the feeding of the most voluminous flanges - and by the low positioning of the work centre which facilitates the handling of the large diameter hoses thus reducing the difficulties for the operator.

Provided with an 830 ton pressing force, Tubomatic S550ES allows the assembly of industrial hoses up to a maximum of 12" and hydraulic hoses up to 3" six spirals.

Hose Crimping Machine S220ES

The S220ES model instead allows crimping industrial hoses up to 6" and hydraulic hoses up to a maximum of 3" 6 spirals, through a pressing force equivalent to 450 tons.

Both crimpers are provided with a wide standard array of products including the ES-4-PLC electronic control with a colour and touch screen display, rear limit switch (only on S220ES), grease-free mechanism, silent pump and front protractor to facilitate the fittings orientation.

There is also a wide range of optional available in the catalogue:

  • quick change for dies (patented self-centring system on the S220ES model)
  • barcode reader
  • back webcam with LED light
  • crimping speed control system
  • crimping pressure control
  • quality control system
  • multistep system
  • connection with PC through Wi-Fi or LAN
  • special voltage

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