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Key Products : Metallographic Cutting Machine, Grinding and Polishing Machines, Hot Mounting Press, Precision Cutting Machines

METKON offers solutions for sample preparation equipment and consumables for Petrography, Metallography and Spectroscopy. Established as a 3-man enterprise in 1993, today our company employs more than 90 people.

Our preparation equipments offer sturdy, well-designed and simple machinery to suit every size of operation. METKON’s outstanding range of products proffers products that are reliable and consistent. Our company designs bespoke metallurgical, spectrographic equipments to suit our client’s requirements.

METKON product range:

  • Cutting
  • Mounting
  • Grinding & polishing
  • Petrography
  • Sample preparation for Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy & Hardness testing

Our company has delivered 20,000 instruments globally and our expertise lies in providing technologically advanced solutions. Metkon’s state-of-the-art Engineering and Product Development center include teams of engineers working together to create and test ideas that will be incorporated into instruments designed to meet customer needs.

Our products are manufactured based on ISO-9001 quality standards and we thoroughly test instruments before delivering them to our clientele to assure quality and functionality.

We manufacture equipments using contemporary technology at our in-house manufacturing facility. From sheet metal parts to complex mechanical assemblies, METKON produces most of the components needed in our products.

Metallographic Cutting Machine

SERVOCUT 301 is an advanced metallographic cutting machine, which is used to cut diverse materials. Metkon’s automatic metallographic abrasive cutter machine is fully automatic and is programmable with coloured HMI touch screen controls.

Features of Automatic Abrasive Cutting Machine: (SERVOCUT 301):

  • Automatic control of cutting parameters
  • X-Y-Z three axes cutting capability
  • Prevailing with spacious cutting chamber
  • Chop cutting and Table-feed cutting combined with pulse cutting
  • Optional cutting methods for hard and difficult work pieces; StepCut, SegmentCut, DiagonalCut
  • Multi-slice automatic serial cutting of plane parallel sections


The major advantage of using SERVOCUT 301 is, combining different cutting techniques and methods into the same machine is possible. This combination helps to obtain superior cut surfaces for various heavy duty cutting applications.

This metallographic cutting machine has the highest safety standards.

HMI Control touch screen controls help to enhance the productivity, sample consistency and operator comfort.

Grinding and Polishing Machines

Metkon’s DIGIPREP Velox grinding & polishing machines/systems are available with 4 grinding/polishing stations (1 coarse grinding, 1 fine grinding and 2 polishing) which can accommodate 250 mm diameter wheel as well as 300 mm. diameter wheels.

We are the leading preeminent Grinding & polishing equipment manufacturer across the globe.  Our Fully Automatic Programmable Grinding/Polishing System is developed for operator free sample preparation. It helps to get high volume sample throughput starting from planar/coarse grinding to cleaning and drying.

You can configure grinding/polishing stations independently based on the specific requirement of the abrasives. Extremely flat specimen surfaces can be achieved through vibration free, robust steel construction.

Standard accessory of DIGIPREP Velox is fully automatic sample cleaning station with eater and ethanol. All traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto specimen surfaces can be done through optional Ultrasonic Cleaning.

Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machines

Our Metallographic grinding & polishing machines, DIGIPREP Accura comprises of dual columns for applications requiring extremely flat specimen surfaces.

This high end grinding and polishing system is suitable for 250mm and 300 mm applications. It is motorized positioning of the Head in vertical (Z) and horizontal (X) axes with memory function.


  • Capability to store and recall preparation programs on the LCD screen.
  • Efficient control of consumable consumption by integrated Peristaltic Dispensing Unit.
  • Transparent cover for improved safety and working area
  • Contains advanced techniques and software with programmable coloured HMI touch screen controls


  • The working wheel is powered by a high torque 1,5 HP electric motor.
  • The state of the art frequency converter allows smooth speed variation (50-600 rpm) of the grinding wheel with soft start and soft stop.
  • The specimen holder is equipped with variable speed 50-150 rpm as well.

Hot Mounting Press

Our Hot Mounting Press (ECOPRESS) contains electro-hydraulic operation which does not require air. Ecopress hot mounting press hydraulic components are placed in an ABS plastic cabinet which is ergonomically designed.

Features of ECOPRESS 100/200:

  • They contain high capacity, state of the art automatic mounting presses having advanced software with programmable coloured HMI touch screen controls.
  • Robust bayonet closure allows for rapid and safe operation.
  • Using an intermediate ram, two mounts can be produced simultaneously.
  • ECOPRESS 200 that is available with dual cylinder can produce four mounts at a time. It also offers perfect solution for labs with high specimen throughput.

Precision Cutting Machines

Our Precision Cutting machines (MIRACUT 201) helps to cut most materials such as brittle or ductile metals, hard or soft metals, ceramics, composites, rocks, biomaterials, laminates etc.

All types of materials with minimal structural deformation can be cut using it. The structural integrity of the sample is maintained through MICRACUT’s design and operation.


  • Metkon high speed precision cutting machine is built on specifically manufactured heavy-duty aluminum frame providing stable and vibration resistant base for precision components and linear bearings.
  • It can cut larger and deeper samples using the cutting table.
  • The cutting compartment is fully enclosed.

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