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Key Products : Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA-5000, Stack Gas Analyzer GI-700 Series, Portable Gas Analyzer PG-300, PH Meter HP-200, Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100

The HORIBA Ltd is one of the leading global companies that offer solutions and engineering services. Our company is renowned for developing and manufacturing instruments, and products in the analysis and measurement fields. With “Explore the Future” as its brand message, HORIBA has been pursuing state-of-the-art analysis and measurement technology since its establishment in 1945. The product range of our company includes Emission Measurement Systems, Test Automation Systems, and Mechatronic Systems etc.

Our company has been providing services worldwide as the leader in the analysis technology field. Our mission is to contribute to developing scientific technology and preserving the environment. To provide high-value-added products and services in the most suitable forms to our customers worldwide, we engage in five different business segments: Automotive Test Systems, Medical-Diagnostic Instruments & Systems, Semiconductor Instruments & Systems, Scientific Instruments & Systems, and Process & Environmental Instruments & Systems.

Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA-5000

Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA – 5000 series of stack gas analysis systems are built based on our experience and decades of experience and quality. This stack gas analysis system has a smaller footprint, and use cross-flow modulated non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection with a magnet-pneumatic detection method that is inherently drift-free. Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA – 5000 series are superior continuous analysis systems that are perfect in the difficult field of exhaust gas measurement, where measurement errors cannot be tolerated.

This stack gas emissions analyzer features a new intuitive touch panel that makes every operation available with the touch of a single button. Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA – 5000 series systems are also designed for faster, more efficient maintenance. This stack gas analysis system is ideal for a variety of uses, including monitoring steam boiler, refuse incinerator, and electric power generation plant emissions to assure pollution standards are being met.

Features of Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA – 5000:

  • Continuous simultaneous measurement of up to 5 components with one system
  • Correction for interfere
  • Better alerts and extra alerts
  • A variety of types functions (up to 12 kinds of output)
  • Dramatically reduced correction time for SO2

Stack Gas Analyzer GI-700 Series

Stack Gas Analyzer GI-700 Series is designed to continuously measure the concentrations of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2). oxygen(O2), and ammonia(NH3) in stack flue gas streams. Having over 50 years of experience, we are known as the Global Single Source Solutions Provider because of our technological advancements and unparalleled reliability, dependability and operability.

Features of Stack Gas Analyzer GI-700 Series:

  • Ultimate Dependability

Proven cross flow modulation technique
Continuous base line validation

  • Ultimate Low cost ownership

Up to 6 gases can be measured using a single analyzer with multiple detectors. Works with a simple sampling unit having less tubing, fewer power cables. Simplified wiring translates into less time required for installation. Minimum function for the operation. Any additional functions can be added from controlling PLC.

  • Ultimate Sensitivity

5 ppm High-Precision measurement (NOx, SO2 and CO) is available.

  • Others

An external converter provides for separate measurements of NO and NO2.
All component modules can be easily installed with in a single 19 inch case. The compact design saves space, facilitates maintenance and requires less wiring and tubing during installation.
Power consumption is reduced by approximately 50% as compared to systems using individual analyzers (NH3 analyzer).

Portable Gas Analyzer PG-300

Portable Gas Analyzer PG-300 is a compact and lightweight portable stack gas analyzer that can simultaneously measure up to five separate gas components. The capability of this portable flue gas analyzer proves reliability in field measurements as well as its great performance in the lab facilities. Methane (CH4) analyzer is newly joined in the PG series and a total of nine models are lined up.

The approx. 20% lighter body from previous model with the rugged side guards which prevent the analyzer unit from shocks and damages; the field conscious design supports whatever the measurement scene is. An optional electronic cooler unit is available for long-term measurement under tough environments such as gas turbines, boilers, and incinerators facilities. Portable Gas Analyzer PG-300 is also suitable for solving environmental problems, measures of energy conservation, study of catalysts, and control of process gas.

pH Meter HP-200

pH Meter HP-200 series of industrial water quality measuring instruments include a total array of measurement points for the broad applications required controlling of water quality. These water quality measuring instruments are applicable to all kinds of water treatment and reduce the maintenance load as they contain cleaners, sensors, and various accessories.

  • Improved single-touch calibration for greater ease of use
  • Calibration history display
  • Extensive interfaces (2-channel transmission output, RS-485 compatible, 6-relay output)
  • Control output (upper and lower limits ON/OFF and duty control in a shared time and a zone)
  • New pH electrode lineup

Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100

Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100 is HORIBA’s brand new laser HCI analyzer with a probe type optical system which employs direct insert method. Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100 is suitable for monitoring HCI concentration in incineration plants and the control of HCI removal process in various industries including cement factories and petrochemical plants, etc.

Features of Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer TX-100

Probe type optical system


  • Both laser projector and receiver are together at the same side of the analyzer
  • Only one process connection tie-in is required for the installation of the analyzer
  • Easy replacement to an existing analyzer (e.g. sampling type analyzer)
  • The probe that maintains the optical axis performs stable analysis
  • Continuous moisture correction function supports high accuracy measurement

Laser analyzer

  • Non-sampling method provides direct measurement and quick response
  • Feedback control available
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • No maintenance for effluent treatment because no reagent is required

HORIBA’s original calibration mechanism

The analyzer calibrates without any disruption to the facility’s operations. The zero point can be checked automatically and the signals are kept in stable condition over long term (US patent No. 8934101; patent pending for Japan, Europe, and China)

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