Company : ELAP S.P.A.

Category : Test and Measurement

Key Products : PLC Controllers, Linear Motion Potentiometers

Elap S.P.A is making its presence felt in the industrial automation sector since 1968. It has been continuously offering its customers with highly advanced products and qualified service.

ELAP product range includes a wide array of PLC controllers, single or multi-axis positioners, counters, visualizers, and an extensive series of position sensors: rotary and linear encoders, incremental and absolute transducers, potentiometers.

Manufacturing its products in Pleasanton, California, Adept markets, distributes, and supports its products worldwide both directly and through channel partners. Adept’s robotics systems and services are the chosen solution for many industry-leading corporations. More than 25,000 non-captive robots, built specifically with Adept’s customers in mind, and more than 30,000 Adept controlled robots are installed worldwide. Adept is ISO 9001:2000 certified.



PLC controllers

ELAP COUNTING AND POSITIONING PROGRAM includes a complete series of PLC controllers, microprocessor counters and panel digital readouts

Elap is amongst the leading manufacturer sof PLC controllers for industrial use. Elap PLC controllers are available in the series of Nexus, Lynx, Vega and Neos. These PLC controllers are a comprehensive series of multi-function controllers. A powerful and flexible PLC provides Elap PLC controllers with a thoroughly configurable graphical interface. Different versions of the PLC controllers are available for the control of one, two or four axes. Complete system of PLC controllers can be set up to fit in the multi-faceted application realities. PLC controllers from Elap have created a market niche for themselves.

Linear motion potentiometer

The new linear motion potentiometer series PR and PR2S has a round section case and strokes varing between 25 and 150 mm.

Linear motion potentiometers are one among ELAP linear transducers range. ELAP linear transducers range also includes optical scales, digital transducers, magnetic transducers, wire transducers apart from linear motion potentiometers. The range of linear motion potentiometers includes a variety of mechanical sizes, strokes, resistive values and mounting fittings. Linear motion potentiometers provide excellent independent linearity and virtually endless life. The stout aluminium case of linear motion potentiometers provides high degree of protection against environmental agents. Linear motion potentiometers specifications includes: . Strokes from 25 to 950 mm . Conductive plastic resistive element

Wire transducers

Elap microprocessor counters & visualisers provide excellent display. Elap microprocessor counters & visualisers have microprocessor-based counter/display CM78. Provided with several different software versions CM78 microprocessor counter & visualiser performs a long series of functions. CM78 microprocessor counter & visualiser performs simple display of preset values up to the partial/total counter with double preset. The company delivers microprocessor counters & visualisers to industry leaders.

Magnetic encoders

Elap has an extensive range of incremental and absolute transducers. These rotary incremental and absolute transducers are widely employed in industrial environments. Elap incremental and absolute transducers portfolio includes several series of rotary encoders, with a wide choice of mechanical versions and electronic options: Incremental encoders offer a number of pulses per revolution ranging between 2 to 36000 and different electronic output types to interface to any counting and control system. Single amd multi-turn absolute encoders are available with 8 to 13 bit resolution in binary or Gray code and SSI, NPN or PNP parallel output signals. Magnetic incremental and absolute transducers are available in both the versions.

ELAP Counting and Control Equipment

ELAP offers an extensive range of linear and rotary, incremental and absolute position sensors: encoders, linear scales, potentiometers, digital and magnetic transducers

Elap has a range of counting and control equipment to offer. ELAP counting and control equipment range offers three series of versatile multipurpose devices. Readouts series VD3 and VD4 of the counting and control equipment display voltage, current, speed, angular or linear positions. These counting and control equipment also shows physical or chemical measures which can be converted into an electrical signal. Elap counting and control equipment can be easily applied to operating machines. Varied industrial fields apply the company manufactured counting and control equipments. Industries of working machinery, glass, wood, paper-machinery, plastic and textile machines, food-processing and many more widely use counting and control equipment from Elap. Counting and control equipments from Elap give out perfect accuracy. Low maintenance and error free service are ensured with counting and control equipment.

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