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Incorporated in 1949, Berthold Technologies has been involved in process measurement technology internationally with over 300 employees for nearly 70 years. We have an exceptional and longstanding reputation as a proficient partner in solving all kinds of measurement problems.As a supplier of innovative and up-to-date instruments of the highest quality and reliability, we have skilled knowledge and experience in physics and in the techniques of highly sensitive detection of light, nuclear radiation and microwave frequencies, as well as the use of modern electronics and software.

Berthold Technologies Process Control division offers one of the most wide-ranging product lines for non-contact monitoring of industrial process parameters. The innovative development of highly sensitive detectors allows the exploit of exceptionally low source activities for quick and precise radiometric measurements for the following applications:

  • Level Measurement
  • Density Measurement
  • Moisture Measurement
  • Concentration Measurement
  • Bulk Flow Measurement

Our quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and KTA 1401. Our products are acknowledged for their high-quality and reliability. Our continuing introduction of new technologies to industrial process measurements is showcased by our usage of microwave frequencies to measure moisture and concentration and the use of x-rays in process analyzers.

The Product Portfolio of Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co.KG is:

Level Measuring System

Berthold Technologies’ Process Control division provides solutions for level measuring systems including Mold level measurements.Being the global leader in radiometric technology, our products are known for their exceptional measurement performance and consistency.

Continuous level measurement: Our non-contacting and non-intrusive level measurement gauges are used to measure measuring ranges, ranging from a few millimeters up to several dozen meters. They do not come into contact withthe measured material as the components are mounted on the outer wall. Hence, they are not exposed to wear and tear.

Level switch measurement: They are applicable on all kinds of reactors, vessels, autoclaves, or bunkers. Our switches are non-contacting and non-intrusive. They are used in various industries, providing either a high or low level alarm.

Interface measurement:Using the radiometric measurement solutions, the interface between two liquid phases or the height of different product layers can be easily determined. Our products are used to monitor emulsion layers. Separation processes can be reliably monitored by measuring the density profile of the liquids.

Measurement of mold level is used in continuous casting applications. As we are the global leader in radiometric mold level measurement, we help our clients to run a stable, casting process, ensuring high steel quality and consistency.


Density Measurement System

Berthold Technologies Density measurement systems work absolutely non-contacting and non-intrusive and can be operated in the most demanding and hostile of process conditions. Our Density measurement systems can be carried out on all liquids and bulk materials including highly acidic, alkali or saline solutions and suspensions.

Density measurement equipmentsare mounted on the outer wall of the pipeline; chute or vessel system components do not come into contact with the measured material. Therefore, they are not exposed to wear and tear. You will get process insight from the outside.

Our company’s density meters can be easily installed on existing pipelines from 25 to 1000mm without process downtime providing a maintenance-free operation.

Berthold density transmitters:

  • DuoSeries LB 474: is the new density system from Berthold based on real 2 wire technology
  • SmartSeries LB 414: Compact and cost-efficient gamma densitometer
  • Uni-Probe LB 491: Compact field device for density measurement, with interfaces for HART, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus
  • Inline Density Meter LB 379: Low energy compact density transmitter working with extremely low dose rates


Bulk Flow Measurement

Our Bulk Flow Meters are based on the radiometric principle, are highly robust and can be operated in the most demanding and hostile of process conditions. The Bulk Flow measurementis not affected by dust, vibrations, extreme temperatures, ornon-corrosive atmospheres.

Our belt weighers are applicable on a wide range of mechanical conveying systems such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors, chain conveyors and vibrating conveyors. Bulk flow measurement on conveyors can be used to monitor the mass flow of pneumatically conveyed or free-falling materials. They are easy to install on existing systems and provide a consistent and maintenance-free operation.

Belt Weigher SystemLB 442:

The bulk flow system is used for the precise determination of mass flow in the bulk industry. The non-contacting, non-intrusive radiometric belt weigher is characterized by a first-rate accuracy and stability. The LB 442 contains no moving parts and is very robust. Maintenance is not necessary for Belt Weigher SystemLB 442.


Moisture Measurement

Neutron Moisture Gauges

The Berthold Moisture Analyzers are used to measure the moisture in bulk materials online during the ongoing process. They help to provide rapid and precise real time information on the current water content.

The moisture measurement takes place non-contacting, which ensures long-term operation and is free of wear and tear. Our analyzers work on the basic principle – microwave transmission radiometric technology.

We are capable of providing the best solution for the most challenging measurement tasks as both technologies complement each other perfectly.

Berthold moisture measurement:

Microwave Moisture Analyzer MicroPolar LB 567 / LB 568:This highly accurate moisture meter is used for all kind of bulk materials and is non-contacting, reliable and maintenance free.

Radiometric Moisture Measurement LB 350: is very responsive and robust and can be used with high accuracy and reliability on materials such as coke, sinter, ore and sand.


Concentration Measurement

The latest microwave transmission technology is used to measure dry substance, concentration, brix value and water content.  Concentration measurement is carried out during the ongoing process and also provides real-time information about the trends in concentration in dry substance.

The systems are highly accurate and reliable for various liquids as well as pastes and suspensions. Berthold Technologies provides sensor systems for the installation on vessels, chutes and pipelines. The microwave technology is highly representative and hardly affected by colour, viscosity or in-homogenous material composition.

Concentration Measurement products include:

Brix measurement and Concentration measurement LB 565:Using this product, measurement of brix, dry substance, density and concentration with Micro-PolarBrix (the Microwave analyzer for the sugar industry) can be carried out.

Concentration and Water content measurement LB 566 / LB 567:MicroPolar is the latest microwave based analyzer for measuring dry substance, water content and density (e.g. in g/l or °Bé).

Carbon Content in Fly Ash Analyzer:The amount of carbon in fly ash is a measure for the reliabilityof the combustion process. Our microwave based analyzers measure the carbon content online and provide real-time information for improved boiler control.


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