Company : PIUSI S.p.A.

Category : Process Equipment

Key Products : Dispenser ST200, Bipump Fuel vane pumps

PIUSI was established in 1953 in Suzzara, in the province of Mantua (Italy) as a mechanical engineering workshop serving the agricultural industry. The company soon made a name for itself as a smanufacturer of strong and easy-to-use products suitable for a range of  “different uses” (più-usi). While, PIUSI has also placed the genius of Italian excellence at the service of its customers, to build up established and stable relationships with integrity and fairness.


The mission of PIUSI is to provide intelligent solutions of exceptional quality which are easy to use. To transfer, dispense and measure lubricants, fuels and liquids, in a ways which are kind both the user and the environment.


PIUSI’s research has constantly focused on finding innovative solutions, the upshot of the genius of Italian excellence. This has led the company to set up modern offices and a manufacturing facility which includes a state–of-art automated warehouse on a covered surface area of 20,000 sqm (215,000 SqFt), part of a larger area covering 30,000 sqm (320,000 SqFt). While, PIUSI has further strengthened in 2009 with the opening of a company for the north and central American market based in Florida - USA.


Today PIUSI spa is a major player in over 120 different countries, with a broad range of intelligent and easy-to-use solutions for transferring and measuring fuels, lubricants and liquids, able to satisfy customer needs by carefully and competently listening to the Voice of the Customer.


Dispenser ST200 dc

PIUSI’s Dispenser ST200 is a high flow rate dispenser unit. The Dispense ST200 (24 Volt) dispenses diesel fuel at a rate of up to 185 l/min (48 gal/min). The low weight of the unit make it easy to handle and suitable for operating on worksites on vehicles with large storage tanks. The Dispenser ST200 comes with flanged 1”1/2 connectors, electric cables with clamps length 6 m and has working cycle of 30 min.

BIPUMP Fuel vane pumps

The BIPUMP Fuel vane pumps are for displacement & transferring diesel fuel. Available in 12 and 24 Volt versions, the BIPUMP Fuel vane pumps are characterized by high flow rates. The BIPUMP Fuel vane pumps come with vane pump with rotor; by-pass valve incorporated into the pump body, flanged 1” connectors, integrated On/Off switch and has a working cycle of 30 min.

Filtroll Filtration Unit

PIUSI’s FILTROLL is a double filter with triple control that provides double filtering for oil & diesel fuel and absorbs water & impurities. The FILTROLL unit features a supply and suction pipe with integrated bottom valve and other features are

  • Sturdy wheeled structure
  • Large diameter wheels
  • Flow rate 56 l/min
  • Filtering capacity – first stage 30 ? with water absorption
  • Filtering capacity – second stage 5 ? for impurities

Mechanical Meters K33 & K44

PIUSI’s K33 & K44 mechanical meters are designed to measure the exact quantity of dispensed liquid (fuel or lubricant) for non commercial use. The K33 & K44 mechanical meters are reliable, economical and easy to install and calibrate on site. While, the gravity functional also has reduced resistance to flow in these K33 & K44 mechanical meters. PIUSI is supplying Mod. K33, 3 digit partial totals (max 999 litres), 6 digit totals & Mod. K44, 4 digit partial totals (max 9999 litres), 7 digit totals and their features are:

  • Flow rate 20 ÷ 120 l/min
  • Repeatability 0,2 %
  • Max. operating pressure 10 bar,Bursting pressure 30 bar
  • Accuracy +/- 1%

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Phone: +39-0376.534561
Fax: +39-0376.536393
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