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Key Products : Ethernet extenders, multi drop modems

Established in the early 70s Westermo is today a well known brand in industrial data communications with its head quarters located in Sweden and its subsidiaries in England, Germany, France and partners in 30 Countries round the world.


Westermo sets up different PLC´s to connect a modem, about cabling, shielding or topology in designing the system and helps during the installation to optimize best performance system. The company provides the user a trouble free installation with minimum of maintenance.


Ethernet Extenders

Ethernet extenders from Westermo are very reliable. The downtime of Ethernet extenders is much less tolerable in the factory than the office. Ethernet extenders from the company are of very high quality. These Ethernet extenders are suited for harsh environments with electrical noise and vibrations. The company has a variety of Ethernet extenders available. These Ethernet extenders have a wide temperature range. Total galvanic isolation and transient protection is ensured with Ethernet extenders. Redundant power and wide DC input range is available with these Ethernet extenders. Westermo Ethernet extenders have railway and industrial approval.

Multi Drop Modems

Westermo has multi drop modems both for private and for leased lines. Both the Multi drop modems can be connected to serial devices with RS-232 or RS-422/485 interfaces.

The V.23 standard is the only multi drop leased line. This Multi drop leased line allows speed up to 1200 bit/s on two or four wire. Multi drop applications on private lines can have speeds up to 19 200 bit/s. The line quality and the number of drop points on the line depend on the Multi drop application speed. These Multi drop communication devices should be protected from the external disturbances. There are three variants of multi drop available:


  • TD- 23
  • TD-29
  • TD29P

Westermo multi drops are designed to satisfy industry's demands on reliability and functionality in environments with high levels of interference. Durability and long life is guaranteed in the company manufactured multi drops.

Lonworks Routers

Westermo lonworks TP/FT (twisted pair / free topology) products can be configured as bus loop or star in one entire network. The lonworks covers fibre optic repeaters. The lonworks routers allows high data rate over long distances. A lonworks router can be installed as repeater, configured router and learning router. A lonworks repeater is transparent.  A lonworks repeater acts as a TP/FT-10 physical layer repeater to extend the distances. LR-01 and LRW-102/LRW-102PP are the various models of lonworks repeaters available. The series of LR-11 and LRW-112 / LRW-112PP are the lonworks routers available with the company.

Industrial Isolators

RS-232/V.24 isolator’s interface is unbalanced. Isolators are very sensitive to noise and earth loop currents. Earth loops are caused when two pieces of the isolators are connected to power sources with different earth potentials. Westermo isolators solve the problems of current travelling to wrong earth points via the serial connection. The isolators are available in both DIN and table top housings. Isolators are often used to solve problems like earth potential differences, transients or other noise. Isolators are used to connect equipment on different earth potentials. Isolators also protect connected units from lightning/ transients. Reliable communications is guaranteed with Westermo isolators.

Media Converters

Westermo manufactures MCW-211 an industrial ethernet FX/TX media converters. The MCW-211 media converter converts data between ethernet 10/100 base-TX and 100 bases- FX. The media converters unit are easy to use and install caused by auto-negotiation of speed and duplex and auto-crossover and auto-polarity on 10 Mbit/s. The media converters are transparent for large frames (VLAN or QoS). It is also possible to set speed, duplex and flow control via DIP-switches in the media converters.  The FX side supports far-end-fault indication in media converters. A link fault from either side of the media converters shall be forwarded to the other side, link fault forwarding. Via DIP-switches in media converters it is possible to control if both sides or just one (either) side supports LFF. MCW-211 media converters have a wide DC power input range with polarity protection and redundant power from dual sources. With extended temperature range supported as standard the MCW-211 media converters are designed to be used the harshest environments.

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