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Having long history in IP Ethernet products, Lantech Communications is today operating all over the world. Its offices being located in Taipeh, Korea, USA and Germany, and distributors and system integrators based in numerous other countries.


Lantech Communications is specialized on industrial demands for standard Ethernet switching. It is working in straight forward, solution-oriented way, and constantly improving its products for environments with special demands.  Its products range includes industrial switches, DNV type approved switches, media converters, fiber modules, dual speed SFP etc.



Managing and maintaining working and production environment is our main target. Only quick support and exchange service guarantee reliable products - this makes us also interesting for large companies.


Industrial Switches IES-2307C DIDO

A special type of our Industrial Switches Series is the IES-2307C, a 7-Port 10/100Base-TX + 3 10/100/1000T with Digital In / Digital Out and with SNMP functionality. SNMP features of industrial switches include QoS for 4 queues, 801.q VLAN, IGMP snooping and query mode as well as SNTP and SMTP. The managed industrial switches support X-Ring, fast network recovery scheme in less than 10ms, Couple Ring, and Dual Ring to ensure network recovery protection between X-Ring groups.  In addition, dual homing is to back up X-Ring groups when connect to upper layer or core switch. Industrial switches can support additional open/close physical contact for specific applications besides Port / Power events. System interface performance, windows based utility for multiple switch monitoring & configuration, x-ring, security, IGMP, spanning tree, bandwidth control etc are features of industrial switches.

Lantech is a leading manufacturer of industrial switches. Its industrial switches are designed to meet critical network environment with IP 30 enclosure and test under extensive Industrial EMI and Safety standards.  It provides industrial switches at competitive prices. Industrial switches are used in surveillance, factory automation, transportation, Telco / ISP outside terminal, heavy industrial factory and other factory assembly lines.

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

The new DNV Type Approved series is a special selection of our industrial series. It includes managed an unmanaged switches. For example IES-2216F – 16x 10/100TX + 2 10/10000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo. DNV type approved means fullfilling the requirements for ships, off-shore, wind power, tidal power, etc. DNV type approved are used in harsh environments.

Ethernet Media Converter

Media Converter is a devise that converts data passing from one media to another like from fiber to copper. Media converters are usually used for Ethernet networks where each type of Ethernet has different specifications for media that can be used. Media converters are considered as simple and cheaper alternative to repeaters. Media converters come in various form factors used for various applications like standalone media converter, large chassis based media converter and managed media converter.

Lantech is leading manufacturer of media converters. It develops media converters that converge 10/100/1000T to 1000M speeds that is best to use in Automation, Transportation, Semiconductor factory, Heavy Industrial factory and other factory assembly lines. Its media converters has unique feature of link loss forwarding and are passed 1.2KVA Hi- Pot abnormal test.

Industrial Switches and Converters

The industrial PoE series includes switches and converters which transfer electrical power along with data to remote devices over standard twisted pair cable in an Ethernet network. PoE technology is used for powering IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, network cameras, remote network switches, embedded computers, and other appliances where it would be inconvenient, expensive or infeasible to supply power separately.

Multimode SFP Modules

Fiber Modules are provided in multi mode for distances up to 2km and single mode up to 110km. The dual speed SFP interface of fiber module support 100m and Giga fiber. Fiber modules are design solutions for delivering high integration, small form factor, thermal compensation and advanced monitoring and diagnostics.

Lantech is a leading developer in fiber modules. Its fiber modules are best solutions for assembly lines, transportation semi-conductor factory, automation etc.
One of our switches with Dual Speed SFP is IES-2216C, 16 port 10/100TX + 10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP combo SNMP industrial switch. SFP interface of dual speed SFP support 100M and Giga fiber.

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