Company : Lesta Srl

Category : Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Key Products : Industrial Automation, Anthropomorphic robots

Lesta Srl is a company founded in the early 2010 and is located only at 10 km from Malpensa airport and 20 km from Milan city center.

Painting robots are our Core business but we are deep involved in industrial automation from every point of view:

  • Software development for control and supervision of complete plants and machinery;
  • Mechanical and electrical design and implementation of innovative solutions.

Although being a young company, Lesta staff is composed by a variety of professionals who have vast and deep experience in robotic painting systems accumulated in previous experiences working for and with leading companies in this industry.

Lesta is nowadays a new player on industrial robotic painting that offers system integrator services "on demand" for all types of industrial automation.


Articulated painting robot

Painting robots built by Lesta Srl are sophisticated machines as well as very user-friendly equipment created for industrial painting applications.

Anthropomorphic robots are auto-learning programmable machines and/or point to point supplied with a modern control panel which is managed by new software LeCRob Robot Manager.

Auto-learning is the most efficient solution nowadays in industrial panting industry. During the programming stage the operator moves the machine’s arm (perfectly balanced, easy to move and light) and regulates spraying guns. All movements and control signs from the guns will be perfectly recorded and memorized by the robot control system.

During the production stage, the selected program will be repeated automatically by the robot, offering the possibility of complete or partial modification of the parameters.

LeBot A6: self-learning 6 axis Articulated painting robot (point-to-point software option, carousel, X-XY-XYZ carriage, bridge crane)

Cartesian painting robot

In point-to-point traditional programming, the operator saves key points of the object and later builds the painting program in offline programming. 3D simulation and the possibility of testing the program directly on the machine, with reduced speeds and simulated spraying are the perfect instruments for a precise test of the programming.

Lesta robot offer covers all your painting needs with 2 main categories and a wide range of accessories and software options:

LeBot C5: point-to-point 5 axis Cartesian painting robot (mounted on XY aerial carriage)

Painting robot with carousel

Many painting robot owners have asked for innovative solutions for increasing the life time of their machines. Lesta Srl has also feel the need of implementing new software characteristics to our existing machines, hence the decision of build and commerce a complete kit of retrofitting that permits to maintain on-going the robot mechanics (SLS R500/91 robots, SLS R2600 or others) replacing all electrical components and control software. Our kit perfectly couples original mechanics to new devices, maintaining carters and original covers. The ideal solution is  LeCRob RobotManager  software controller together with the adapting kit for your robot.

Robot mechanics are deeply revised and revamped maintaining them as the originals. Our solution includes the replacing of all original motors and encoders for brushless motors and digital encoders on bus.

Lesta also offers, on request, the new LeCRob Converter software that saves and converts all painting programs memorized on the old control panel and transfers them in the new control software increasing their quality.

Lesta has always second hand painting robots on stock accurately revised or retrofitted.

HMI software development

Lesta Srl is a leading company in the field of integration and the development of sophisticated industrial automation solutions. If you are looking for a system integrator partner, Lesta is able to develop custom or supervision software (SCADA and HMI) for your plants and machineries providing “turn-key” solutions.

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