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Clicktouch - Electronic Input Devices

Clicktouch specialise in the design and manufacturing of electronic input devices and related products and services. Our product range consists of Membrane Switches, Contact Layers, Touchscreens, Electroluminescent Lamps, industrial PC-keyboards, Charge Transfer Sensing (CTS) and Charge Transfer Sensing (Cts) devices, vandal-proof and rubber keypads. We offer not only the different components, but also integrated solutions.


Clicktouch keys have a long operating life and provide an exceptional degree of tactile response. Applications range from high-speed trains to process instrumentation, consumer goods to machine tools.



Membrane switch keyboards

Our user-friendly, flexible membrane switch keyboards are long lasting, reliable and cost-effective. The standard Clicktouch process produces a thermoformed polyester foil with 'elastic' spring zones enabling extended key travel. Clicktouch retains essentially the same ergonomic performance as standard mechanical push buttons, but is also dust, water, scratch and chemical resistant.

Contact Layers

Contact Layers are simplified membrane keyboards, in which the lower part of the circuitry is replaced by a PCB. They represent a reliable, compact and cost-effective alternative to complete Membrane Switches.

Resistive touchscreen

Our highly responsive and easy-to-use resistive touchscreen technology, which can be combined with other input devices such as membrane keyboards, is used to produce fully integrated systems.

Electroluminescent lamps

These solid-state, light-emitting devices allow keyboards to be used in low ambient light conditions.

Electroluminence (EL) is the emission of light under electric-field excitation: the conversion of electrical energy into light energy in the form of photons. In electrical terms, an EL lamp is a light emitting capacitor and is driven from an AC power supply.

Keyboards For Industrial Use

These high quality sealed keyboards for industrial use are equipped with Clicktouch membrane switch panels and are available with an integrated tracker ball or sense pad.

Vandal-Proof Keypads

Based on standard Clicktouch design, Vandal-Proof Keypads have a metal top plate and metal push buttons with a patented end-of-travel protection against heavy impacts. They guarantee electrical contact in environments where keyboards need additional protection: e.g. telephone keyboards, lifts, door codes and banking terminals.

Charge Transfer Sensing (Cts)

The new Force Sensor converts pressure, weight and forces towards a measurable electrical quantity: resistance. As to construction, Force Sensors are comparable with the Clicktouch Membrane Switches. While combining this top technology with well-controlled production processes, sensors are made that are also thin, light and flexible. Furthermore, these can be designed completely customised and can be combined with and within a membrane switch keyboard.

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Silicone rubber moulded keypads allow freedom in the aesthetic and ergonomic design of the keypad. Four-directional joysticks are available in addition to conventional pushbuttons. These keypads are particularly suitable for applications such as mobile phones and access control.


An exciting product development is the Clicktouch T35 membrane switch. At 35mm in diameter, the switch is one of the largest tactile polyester switches available from any manufacturer. Originally developed for wheelchair controls, where the operator could have difficulties in activating a more conventional switch, the T35 Clicktouch provides a large target area, coupled with a low actuating force. The switch is available for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

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