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Scaglia Indeva is a world class leader for the design and manufacturing of state of the art industrial manipulators, material handling and lean manufacturing solutions. Scaglia INDEVA offers the most complete range of industrial manipulators on the market, including both traditional pneumatic manipulators and state of the art electronic manipulators, better referred to as INDEVA.  Pneumatic manipulators are ideal to handle offset loads while Indeva are ideal anywhere speed, fluid movement and exact positioning of the load are required.

They are present worldwide with a network of branches, distributors and agents. Their headquarters and production unit, which cover an area of 15,000 square meters with about 120 employees, is in Italy at Brembilla, at about fifty kilometers from Milan.

Scaglia Indeva were the 1st in the world to apply electronics to industrial manipulators  and to develop the electronic intelligent lifting device in the late 1970’s:  40 years of unparalleled experience.

INDEVA is nowadays synonymous of a Company using state of the art technology, for reliable, user friendly and really cost effective material handling solutions.

Intelligent Assist Devices

Why an Intelligent Device for Handling is the best solution for your production, assembly or logistic area

An INDEVA increase productivity - reduce operator fatigue - dramatically reduce running costs and energy use. This is a true electronic auto weight sense balancer with speeds up to 10 times faster than an electric hoist. Suitable for you to install yourselves. With power consumption using less than an electric kettle and next to nothing when in standby mode, it’s not only the paint color of our equipment that is green. Our system uses less than a quarter of the power used by standard electric hoists for lifting the same weights.

Main  Advantages of Intelligent Assist Devices:

productivity: with an INDEVA (INtelligentDEVices for hAndling) it is possible to maintain a high working capacity during the entire work shift, preserving your personnel's health; the use of an INDEVA drastically reduces sick leaves of your personnel and increases productive hours.

ergonomics: thanks to automatic balancing feature you can move heavy loads as they were weightless. Fingertip sensitive handle allows you to move loads upwards and downwards by simply touching the handle with a finger. Handles and tooling are always custom- designed to provide max ergonomics to the operator;

energy saving: consumption less than a pneumatic manipulator;

movement precision: much more precise and fast than a pneumatic manipulator; Indeva allows for unsurpassed precision, you will intuitively decide on fast or very slow motion, all depending on the situation. No jerks, no unexpected movements: the operator is in perfect control as he were handling a very light load with his hands only.  

user friendliness: no button to keep pressed and no load presetting to select when changing load to handle, as it is really auto weight sense and auto balancing.

INDEVA acts an extension of the operator's arm

An Indeva can be overhead rail or column or ceiling mounted, and can be equipped with a wide range of gripping tools: with magnet, by vacuum, or mechanical , pneumatic, electric, clutch, with rotation, if needed.

Pneumatic manipulators

Pneumatic manipulator PN series can be designed according to the ATEX regulations for applications in controlled environments with danger of explosion, classified classes 1 and 2 (Gas).  They feature pneumatic control and drive. They can be rail or column or ceiling mounted and equipped with custom designed gripping toolings for handling unbalanced and loads offset  from center of gravity or when loads cannot be reached  from above, for example reaching into a tool machine or a car, or if  the handling tooling is forks for handling pallets.

Overhead lift assist device

When the work  area is too large to be covered by the manipulator arm (max. 4 m.) the manipulator can be overhead mounted unto a gantry system.

Vacuum grippers

The Indeva lift assist devices can be equipped with  the vacuum gripping system or handling large size panels , cases, cheese blocks, car bodyworks parts etc… The INDEVA Vacuum grippers are safer than traditional vacuum tubes, in fact:

In case of low vacuum level after the load has been gripped, the system descents slowly to the ground with activation of an acoustic signal.

Load release is not allowed until the load is safely placed unto a stable support.

In case of electric power network faults if a load is gripped and lifted from support,  the system will descend slowly to the ground, and if no load is gripped and the system will stop.

Automated guided vehicles

A range of automated guided vehicles for assembly and production areas comprising.

Indeva Tugger AGV: a typically a standard execution used to tow train of trolleys. The trolleys can be built using a standard metal base made with Base Quadra or special metal base for constant turning radius.

Indeva Tunnel AGV: it is used to move trolleys thru the workshop and the warehouse. This AGV positions itself beneath a trolley or cart that, using a fully automated pin-hook system, is then guided to the destination. At destination, the AGV, sliding beneath the trolley, automatically release the full trolley and hooks the empty trolley to be brought back to the warehouse.

AGV INDEVA custom made: Gravity Load/Unload, Power Driven Gravity Load/Unload, Power Driven Roller Conveyor Load/Unload

All the AGV INDEVAs  comply with the following European directives:

  • 2006/42/EC       Machinery Directive
  • 2004/108/EC       Electromagnetic radiation EMC Directive

 Route programming is easy and simple using the ‘touch panel’. 56 programs for 250 steps each

Custom work cycles are programmable thru the touch panel.

The AGV INDEVA has the following important advantages:

  • Closed loop control system. This enables a precise tracking of magnet tape without oscillations for higher speed and stability.
  • Easy-to-assemble and easy-to-maintain, thanks to ‘all plugs’ feature
  • Advanced programming interface for quick and easier programming without initial set-ups. Thanks to the closed loop function the vehicle is self tuning
  • Possibility of interfaces with external input/output signals

Material Handling Solutions

INDEVA can supply complete material handling solutions: from pneumatic manipulators, vacuum grippers, intelligent devices for handling  either column or ceiling or overhead rail system mounted  with a great variety of custom made gripping tools, to offer a complete material handling solution  the range comprise also the automated guided vehicles.

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