Company : RAONTECH Inc

Category : Handling Systems and Components

Key Products : Delta Robot, Atmospheric Vaccum robot, EFEM wafer transfer module, Vacuum Cluster System

Raontech, which is a reputed robotics company commenced in March 2000, with the only purpose to be a renowned professional robotics company around the globe. It has grown immensely for a variety of industrial robots specifically in ICT field and automation systems which are used in manufacturing.

With the mission to be a leading edge company in handling robot and automation, it encompasses extremely passionate and experienced personnel with them. Some of its fabulous works include:

  • Delta Robot (DeltaFly™)
  • Atmospheric and Vaccum Robot for Handling Wafer
  • Atmospheric and Vaccum robot for handling Flat panel, Cassette, Solar cell
  • EFEM (SmartFab™)
  • Vacuum Cluster System


Delta Robot (DeltaFly™)

DeltaFly, an industrial delta robot is a kind of parallel robot comprising of three arms affixed to universal joints at the base. The specialty of it is that the relative humidity is 20-80% and is available in 98kg, 105kg and as well as 110kg.

Features of high speed delta robots:

  • Maximum work range of 1800mm
  • Trouble-free for maintenance
  • High stiffness & accuracy


It is utilized in handling and packaging process specifically for food, medication, cosmetics, etc.

Atmospheric Vaccum Robot

Atmospheric and Vaccum Robot for Handling Wafer

The atmospheric wafer handling robot is of 2 kinds namely Single Arm and Dual Arm which are again divided into two models each. The Single Arm models are WTR-S20Z20 and WTR-S30Z30 and the WTR-D20Z20 and WTR-D30Z30 for Dual Arm respectively.

The distinct features of this atmospheric robot include high stiffness along with least weight but it utilizes optimum structure design. It also meets the user’s prerequisites along with swift delivery. It contains field proven motion control technology that enables maximum uptime

EFEM (SmartFab™)

Equipment Front End Module, in short referred to as EFEM has been specifically designed for 200mm and 300mmwafer transfer service. Easy leveling and docking for swift preparation is very much possible in this wafer handling robots and designed for customizable configuration as well.

It has a close loop control of enclosure pressure and field maintenance service is also available.

Vacuum Cluster System

The wafer transfer robot in vacuum is a customizable system which has high throughput, with AWC function.

It has fast swap time, reliable and easy for maintenance. It contains vacuum, gas line & I/O box, heater unit (with 5 +5 type) and cooling unit. It encompasses Stack load lock, Batch load lock.

Atmospheric and Vaccum Robot

Atmospheric and Vaccum robot for handling Flat panel, Cassette, Solar cell

These Medium Flat Panel Atmospheric Robots are like the atmospheric wafer handling robot in matters related to meeting the user’s requirements along with swift delivery by making of 6-axis only. This too has high stiffness along with minimum weight and utilizes optimum structure design.

The Flat Panel Atmospheric and Vacuum Products are highly reliable, with 6-axes and even has high throughput. The robots minimum weight is 75kg and 1250kg at maximum.

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