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Hsin Yung Chien Co., Ltd. (HYC) was established in Nantou, Taiwan in the year 1964. Having decades of experience in producing rubber conveyor belts in Taiwan, HYC is one of the preeminent manufacturers in producing rubber conveyor belts in Taiwan and keeps on developing new equipment and renewing production procedure. The main products of our company are rubber conveyor belt, rubber sheet, and industrial fabric and so on.

Our company is the largest and professional rubber Conveyor Belt, transmission belt manufacturer in Taiwan. HYC consists of the largest single production base of synthetic fabric rubber conveyor belt in the world.

With new technology, specialized equipment and materials, Hsin Yung Chien provides various conveyor belts and transmission belts with good function, high quality and exceptional capability of transportation to satisfy the demands of the customers.

Our company also has passed through ISO9001 and ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificate and product lines include light and heavy-duty and specialty conveyor belts in wide range of application such as mining, steel, aviation, agriculture, logistics and pier automatic production line by "KING" brand in global market.

Light Duty Conveyor Belts

Light duty conveyor belts are designed to meet the demanding requirements for a wide variety of industries and applications. These light duty conveyors are used in automatic production line, logistics center, food industry, agriculture, airport, package handling. Light duty conveyor belts contain good capability of shock absorption, and big angle incline transportation. The features of light duty conveyor belts include low co-efficient of factor, low noise, and good antiskid capability. The types of light duty conveyor belts include bare bare, impression, diamond, rough top, and baler belt. Our light duty conveyor belts are manufactured with rubber that is oil resistant, abrasion resistant, cold resistant, heat resistant, anti-static resistant and flame resistant.

Chevron Conveyor Belts

Chevron conveyor belts are required when higher angles of inclination are required. HYC has developed high-performance and high-quality chevron conveyor belts. We are one of the well-know conveyor belt manufacturers in Taiwan. Chevron conveyor belts are designed for inclined transportation for conveying bulk material such as coal, crop, sand, mineral, package, and bag depending on different loading material and inclined angle to select suitable cleat height and chevron type of prevent loading material from dropping down. Types of chevron conveyor belts include 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 32mm cleat height. Chevron conveyor belts contain excellent physical property or rubber, high adhesion, and fatigue resistance.

Features include:

  • Integrated vulcanized cover and cleat rubber prevent the chevron belt cleat from coming off.
  • Better cleat rubber property and abrasion extend the service life of conveyor belt.
  • It is adjustable design for various chevron conveyor belts by incline angle from range of 16° ~ 45°.
  • Excellent drainage character.

Specialty Conveyor Belts

Specialty conveyor belts are designed to handle aggressive materials smoothly without any material roll back. HYC supplies a wide range of high quality specialty conveyor belts based on the demand of customers. Specialty conveyor belts are both impact and abrasion resistant for various applications. And HYC assembles and tests all conveyors prior to shipping; this ensures a smooth and easy installation at your facility.

Specialty conveyor belts are used in applications such as:

  • Iron and steel
  • Metallurgy
  • Cement
  • Casting
  • Fertilizer
  • Power Plant
  • Quarry, and
  • Coal Mining.


  • Heat resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Flame resistant
  • Cold resistant
  • Non-stick.

Kevlar Conveyor Belts

Kevlar conveyor belts are manufactured from woven Kevlar substrates that have been coated with PTFE (Teflon). These Kevlar conveyor belts have dramatically higher tensile and tear strengths for heavy duty belting applications and are more resistant to steam than fiberglass and leave a minimal fabric impression. Industrial Kevlar conveyor belts provide value by offering an excellent flexibility and conformity in high speed applications. There would be no environmental problem using these conveyor belts.

Features of Kevlar conveyor belts are:

  • Low Elongation and High Strength
  • Impact, Penetration and Slitting Resistant
  • Superior Heat and Fire Resistant
  • Cost Saving
  • Corrosion Resistant Rust Free
  • No Environmental Problem

Straight Warp Conveyor Belts

Straight warp conveyor belts are made using a special carcass weaving method that allows that the belts to withstand tough applications. Straight warp conveyor belts have higher impact resistance than standard ply construction conveyor belt. They contain excellent rip and impact resistance, superior troughing, load support and fastener retention. Straight warp conveyor belts are used in primary crushers, log handling, hard rock and ore mining, bucket elevators and so on.

Features of straight warp conveyor belts include:


To compare with the belts having the same grade of the tensile strength, the SW belt provides 10%~20% less weight, power saving to minimize the load of conveyor accessories, so as to reach the efficiency of saving power source and cost down.


Use one or two plies replace the multi-plies construction makes total thickness 7%~17% thinner, increase the strength smoothly under the smaller. This can help the belt running smoothly under the smaller pulley. Each roll length can be 400~500m to reduce the waste.


Use a special weave type of high-denier fiber to raise the tensile strength of the fabric, reduce the working elongation and replace the Multi-plies construction belts.


The special construction of the Straight Warp provides more impact absorption than EP or NN products, and increases the belt service life.

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