Company : Weda Poolcleaner AB

Category : Environment Recycle and Water Management

Key Products : Under water Cleaners for industry and Remote controlled pool cleaners

Weda cleaners in cooling tower tanks

Wedas underwater cleaners are nowadays being used also in cooling tower tanks. It is the remote controlled Weda YT-600 and the CS-600 that are used for removal of sediment from the bottom of the tanks

Weda at Trade Show in Cologne with STS Schwimmbad Technik

Weda participated at the recent Aquanale Trade Exhibition in Cologne. STS is a long-time partner to Weda coverrring the part of western Germany. STS offers complete delivery and service of the entire range of Weda cleaners.

Cleaning of Large Outdoor Reservoirs

Spain has thousands of outdoor reservoirs used for irrigation in fruit plantations. From smaller rectangular concrete tanks to larger reservoirs with liner bottoms and sides. Regular cleaning of these reservoirs is important and the water for the plantations is an absolute must to make sure that the plantation has a constant supply of water. Draining of these reservoirs is normally not an option so the need for underwater cleaning solutions is high.