List of Saw Blades | Top Global Saw Blades Manufacturers

Tools such as saw blades are used to help in the different cutting needs. They are commonly used in a wide variety of methods of cutting i.e. woodworks and metal works.

These saws are distinct from one another in terms of the primary functions they serve. It makes cutting works simple and done in the fastest time possible.

Here is the list of saw blades that help to enhance the quality of cutting works, productivity etc:

Top Global Saw Blades Manufacturers

There are many global saw blades manufacturers offering a wide range of saw blades. These global manufacturers focus majorly on various parameters such as  longer blade life,  saws that incur minimum wear and tear with continuous use, while designing their products.


Here are some of the top global saw blades manufacturers:

1) PILANA a.s.

PILANA provides the most up-to-date equipments such as Laser, CNC grinding machines, CNC milling machines, automatic furnaces and other automatic and semiautomatic machinery.

The PILANA tools are made of the best-quality steel in accordance with DIN and ISO standards. The quality is closely watched at each production stage.

2) AKE

Founded in 1960, AKE is a wholesaler of hardware and locks; hot water heaters; fittings and fixtures; sanitary installation equipment, such as tubes, fittings, pipes, taps, connections, rubber pipes and others; and tools, including hammers, screwdrivers, and saws. AKE offers extremely efficient tooling solutions for both wood and metal processing.

3) Diamond Saw Works, Inc.

Diamond Saw Works, Inc. manufactures making hacksaw blades and saw machines. The latest technology goes into the production of every Sterling® blade to ensure precise and consistent quality. Weld centers are located across the U.S. in major industrial centers to ship your order for specific-length band saw blades quickly and efficiently.


Having over 120 years of experience, LENNARTZ is a pioneer in providing saw blades. As a technical pioneer, the company has created the world's first carbide-tipped circular saw blade the cutting steel.

Our specialty is the production of circular saw blades up to a diameter of 2500 mm. We supply our saw blades to more than 80 countries on all 5 continents.

5) Dimar

Dimar manufactures cutting tools for industries, OEM companies, construction, and professional woodwork markets. The company has its manufacturing facilities located in Europe.

Dimar manufactures various saw blades for all industrial applications. The company offers various products for solid wood, boards, plastic, aluminum, and metal saw blades.