Manufacturing Intelligence and MES

Autosys, is one of the leading partners for Rockwell Automation in India. Recently, Autosys was upgraded to become a "Control & Process" partner. Soon Autosys will also become an Information Systems partner for Rockwell.
Rockwell has a wide range of modular software solutions for manufacturing intelligence that bridge the gap between PLCs/Machines and ERP / PPC. Design, Development and Implementation of these informaion solutions from Rockwell will be a new focus area from this year.

Outsourcing On-Demand Manufacturing

When it comes to low volume, high quality, on-demand manufacturing in sectors such as mechanical, material handling, electrical, control systems, panels etc., OEMs and EPCs find it very difficult to find good quality players to whom they can outsource. Outsourced manufacturing in this sector is fragmented with many small and unorganized  players, who struggle to maintain the difficult balance between quality, consistency and cost. They lack scale. They also do not have enough volumes or margins to invest in training, people development and competencies over the long term. So they lead a hand-to-mouth existence.


The customer is a large poultry feed manufacturer whose output capacity was being increased from 15 Tons to 30 Tons per day. This was an existing plant. The finished product was taken from 6 large storage silos and were then being packed manually and loaded in lorries using a large no of people. Autosys was called upon to completely automate this process.


From electrical panels and mechanical silos to fuzzy logic software, from integration of PLC system with imported machinery to web based Head Office control room for 9 plants, Autosys can undertake complete turnkey end to end plant automation.

Semi-Automatic Batching system

How do you automate a process that involves 65-80 raw materials in quantities that vary from Kgs to grams. What is the right level of automation to achieve quality, consistency, Poke-yoke (Mistake proofing) and traceability?

Batching system

Here is a low budget solution that will automate your batching and weighing process. No need for huge storage silos. You can operate with very limited factory floor space and still achieve: