Embedded Computer (PIP30 Family) now with \"E\" Approval

The ECE regulations designate a set of internationally agreed, uniform technical requirements for vehicles, parts and equipment of motor vehicles. The ECE test, also referred to as E-mark or E-ID, is an identification of motor vehicle components requiring approval.

New Fanless i7 Quad Core Embedded Computer now EN50155 Railway Certified

The new RAIL-PIP39 Intel i7 Quad Core solution is based on the PIP39 that is already being used for various applications in rugged and tough environments. For the temperature tests, the Class Tx has been chosen, which means -40°C to +70°C and +85°C for the duration of 10 minutes. For shock and vibration test, Class 2 (Bogie mounted) has been selected which is the second most severe vibration test standard in the railways industry.


MXM /GPGPU Graphics Expansion for the PIP

With the newest development "GRIP", MPL opens the world of high performance graphics to the PIP Family. The GRIP acts as an interposer for MXM graphics cards with state of the art GPUs from NVIDIA or AMD, as well as others. GRIP uses the PCI/104- Express (x16) interface to support the maximum interface speed available from the host board.

Additional to the graphic expansion are up to 4 mPCIe sockets and up to 4 Mini-SIM modules.

Broader range of EN50155 Railway Applications Certified MPL Embedded Computers

We are pleased to inform you that the MPL Railway Computer product range has been expanded. The CEC10 Family (based on the Intel E3800 CPUs) and the PIP39 (i7 Quad Core CPU) have successfully been tested according the EN50155 Standard (Railway applications Electronic equipment used on rolling stock). For the temperature tests, the Class Tx has been chosen, which means -40°C to +70°C and +85°C for the duration of 10 minutes. For shock and vibration, Class 2 (Bogie mounted) has been selected which the second most severe vibration test standard in the railways industry. The tested products are ready to be delivered.

Swiss Made universal & rugged 10-port managed 10Gbit Switch

MPL announces an expansion of its rugged Switch Family. The new product is a 10-port switch that includes two 10Gbit SFP+ ports and still conforms to MPL's high standards like; long-term availability, extended temperature
capability, flexibility, and low power requirements.

The new switch called MAXBES integrates 8-ports with 1Gbit and 2-ports with 10Gbit speed. The eight 1Gbit ports are either available on RJ45 connectors or four RJ45 connectors & four 1Gbit SFP, next to the two
10Gbit SFP+ ports. The open frame version is available with lockable headers instead of RJ45. All ports have status LEDs on the front-plate, indicating the activity of
each port.

New Rugged and Reliable Intel i7 Solution with Long-term Availability

MPL AG, one of the key manufacturer of rugged embedded computers, released a new system with Intel Quad Core i7 processor. The new system called PIP38, is a highly integrated, compact, and robust solution, solely based on long-term and industrial temperature components, and is 100% designed and produced in Switzerland.

New convection cooled Compact Rugged Computer Solution with multiple XMC, PMC, and mPCIe Modules

This unique solution allows to integrate several XMC, PMC, as well as mPCIe mezzanine cards into the various housing solutions (Industrial PIP housing in various colors, 19” Rack, Open Frame, or MIL enclosures). The systems also support the extended temperature option (-40°C to +85°C).

Swiss Made Rugged Embedded Computer with integrated PoE

MPL AG, one of the key manufacturer of Rugged Embedded Computers and Industrial Ethernet Solutions has created a combination of the two products, a new Vision Server that can be used in harsh environments. This Vision Solution comes with up to eight individual GigE ports on RJ45 or M12, and four of the GigE ports are available with PoE+, ideal to add cameras.

Newly updated IoT Ready & Flexible Embedded Computer Solution from MPL

The new activity in IoT and Industry 4.0 requires reliable and flexible solutions to address the different needs in this new universal field. Most embedded computers and controllers are designed to meet a particular specification, but often there are needs for additional or different interfaces, more security, different connectors, or other requirements to meet this new environment.

New Modular, Long-term available 19\" Rack Embedded Solution Concept

MPL introduces a very modular alternative concept to the known 19" xU slot solutions. The new concept is based on the MPL designed fanless rugged embedded computers with Intel CPUs.

Robuste Gigabit Ethernet Switch Lösung - Swiss Made

Die neue MAGBES-20 Familie kommt in verschiedenen Versionen, abgestimmt auf die Anforderungen Ihrer Anwendung. Die fünf Ports können mit RJ45 Steckern oder lockable Headers ausgestattet werden, wovon zwei auch als Glasfaser möglich sind. Für die Aktivitäts- und die Geschwindigkeits- Anzeige besitzen alle Ports Status LEDs. Auf die Anzeigesignale kann auch remote zugegriffen werden (inkl. Reset und Default Einstellung).

Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switch Solution - Swiss Made

The new MAGBES-20 Family consists of various versions, matching your application needs. The five ports can be equipped with RJ45 connectors or lockable headers, of which two ports can be fiber optic. All ports have status LEDs, indicating the activity and speed of each port. The indication signals can also be accessed remote, same applies for reset and default setting.

Fanless Intel Quad Core i7 Solution for the Rugged Environment

MPL AG, key design-house of rugged embedded computers, released a new platform with the Intel Quad Core i7 processor. The new platform called PIP39, is a highly integrated, compact, and robust solution, solely based on long-term and industrial temperature components. The unique design addresses the requirement of extreme harsh environments and is 100% designed and produced in Switzerland.

RAIL-CEC - Compact Embedded Industrial PC now with EN50155 Certification

In addition to the IEC 60945 maritime certification, the CEC Family from MPL has now received EN50155 certification for the use in railway applications. This innovative ultra compact computer product line is still based on the MPL typical product characteristics like; robustness, highest reliability, long term availability, low power consumption, as well as use in the extended temperature range.

Swiss Made Intel® Atom™ (Bay Trail) Rugged Embedded Computer Family (CEC)

MPL has developed an ultra compact Computer Product Family with a case dimensions of only 62x162x118mm, based on the Intel Atom E3800 processor. Despite the small footprint, the system still has MPL's typical product characteristics like; robustness, the highest reliability, long-term availability of 10 years, lowest power consumption in the industry, extended temperature (-40°C to 85°C), passive cooling (fanless), and easy expansion.

MPL AG announces new Fanless 21” Wide Screen Panel-PC for rugged environments.

The new PANEL21 extends MPL's Panel-PC Family of compact, easy to integrate, and multifunctional All-in-One solutions. The 21" LCD display comes with LED backlight and IP65 front protection, and can be equipped with Intel CPU boards, up to i7 Dual Core.

EN50155 Certified Core i7 Embedded Computer for Railway Applications

The new PIP3x product is an EN50155 Class Tx certified rugged, highly flexible, and fanless embedded computer solution, using the 3rd. Generation Intel Core i7 and Celeron CPU.

GUARD-F1 - Rugged Industrial Gigabit Firewall and VPN Router

MPL pre-announces a new product that will expand the Networking Product range with a rugged Industrial Gigabit Firewall and VPN Router called GUARD-F1. This new network solution is specifically designed for industrial and defense applications where security, quality, reliability, low power consumption, and long term availability are key. Other possible applications just to name a few are; remote monitoring & maintenance, secure communication in automation, etc.. The GUARD-F1 comes with the same foot print and housing as our Compact Embedded Computer (CEC). It is expandable and flexible as all CEC products.

The GUARD-F1 comes with 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 2 of them are either available as copper or SFP ports and one is available as copper port.

The specially designed housing allows the GUARD-x to operate in harsh environment without fan or ventilation holes and can easily be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail or wall. The housing has the identical dimension as the CEC 62 housing (62x120x160mm), and there is still sufficient space to add for example a MAGBES (Managed Gigabit Switch) and or SSD/HDD/..., making the GUARD to a unique customized solution. IP67 housing MIL connectors will be offered as well.

The GUARD can be operated from -20°C to 60°C, and additionally in extended temperature environments (-40°C to 85°C), of course fanless.

The GUARD-F1 comes with USB. in addition a microSD Memory Card Slot that can be used for logging or configuration purposes. Over the PCIe Mini Card Slot, the solution can be expanded with WLAN or other extension.

Further can the GUARD be customized over a back-plane according to customer needs, the size of the housing remains the same.

The new product GUARD-F1 is currently on the desk of our engineers to verify the design and operation. We expect to sell the serial production in the next 3-4 months.

If you need further information about the GUARD-F1 you may contact us directly, as the product is not yet on the MPL homepage.

Industrial Ethernet Product Line

MPL introduces a new product line with solutions for IP based industrial-grade networking with devices such as firewalls, routers, switches, and media converters. Like all other MPL products, they are designed to work in harsh environments with extreme temperature, humidity, and vibration. Low power, reliability, and long-term availability are key, and make them ideal for the industrial environment.

The new product line

  • » is easy to integrate and modular
  • » is robust and meets industrial and defense requirements
  • » is available in extended temperature ( -40°C to 85°C )
  • » has a Long-term availability guarantee
  • » can be customized in design and functionality

One of the first products in the MPL Industrial Ethernet product range is a rugged Firewall (GUARD-F1), The GUARD-F1 will be available within the next 4 weeks from stock.
In the coming weeks and month the Networking product range will be expanded with other products specifically designed for the industrial and defense networking environment.

One of the next products is a rugged Firewall with an integrated switch with copper and fiber ports. It will be in the same size as the GUARD-F1. Soon we will introduce six packaged managed switch solutions with up to 9 ports of which up to 4 ports can be fiber optic. The switch solutions are based around the successful and widely used MAGBES.

The supply power of the product line is 8 -36VDC. The housing is very compact (62 x 162 x 120 mm) and comes as DIN-Rail or a wall mounting solution. MIL housings are available as well. Coating is also a process that is being offered on the new Industrial Ethernet product line.

As all MPL products, the development and production of the Hardware and Software is being done by our employees in Switzerland.

The first products can already be seen on our Home page under Industrial Ethernet. If you have a specific requirement you do not see yet, please let us know.

SPINAL-1 - extreme rugged power backup system

We have the pleasure to announce a new "backbone" for our complete product range. The product is called SPINAL-1 (Short Power Interrupt Auto Leveling ) and is an extreme rugged power backup system. The SPINAL is mounted inside an ultra compact housing, a perfect match for our CEC and GUARD solution. It certainly can also be used in combination with our Compact Embedded Computers (PIPs).

The system provides up to 60Watt backup power for the duration of 15 seconds . This means for example, that a CEC 7-11 will keep on running during a power cut for more than 60 seconds! This is sufficient to overcome any short interruption or for a safe shut down...

The SPINAL will become the spine of your system!
Communication with the secured system will be done over RS232 or USB. The input power range goes from 8-48 VDC, including over-voltage protection. The standard operational temperature is -30°C to +65°C. Therefore, this is THE back up system for harsh environments. Needless to say, the system comes without a fan or ventilation holes.
The standard housing of the SPINAL comes with a DIN rail mounting system. It is also available with wall mounts or in a MIL housing and MIL connectors.

This product is currently in our test lab and is intensively being tested, to make sure it withstands the severe environments it is meant for.

For further information please feel free to contact us.

GUARD-FS - Industrial Firewall / Router with Gigabit Switch

With the new GUARD-FS, MPL has integrated several systems into one housing, a Firewall, a VPN-Gateway, a Router, and an Ethernet Switch with your choice of copper and/or fiber ports. You can imagine the broad use of the GUARD-FS with this variety of functionality. Basically for any application that needs to be installed in a rugged rough environment where space is an issue, the GUARD-FS is a perfect fit.

Today, everything is getting automated. Therefore security in this automated world is becoming more and more important. The key differences of industrial applications are that they require a long-term availability due to the life cycle management of the investments.

The GUARD-FS can be operated from -20°C to +60°C (optional -40°C to +85°C), without the need of a fan or case openings. The versatility is supported by the availability of a software development kit. Customized versions like IP67 housing, MIL connectors, wall/flange/19" rack mount will be offered as well.

The GUARD-FS comes pre-installed with an adapted version of OpenWRT. This Linux based embedded distribution provides all functionality required for operation as IPV4 and/or IPV6 firewall and router.

Some of the unique features are:

  • » Wide input voltage range (8V - 36VDC)
  • » Low power consumption (fanless operation)
  • » Optional -40°C up to +85°
  • » All connectors on one side
  • » Customized housing (IP67, MIL, wall/flange/rack mount, etc.)
  • » Firewall/Router with 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports (copper or SFP)
  • » 4-port Gigabit switch (copper and/or fiber
  • » Switch available as managed or unmanaged version

For further product details please visit: www.mpl.ch/t2868html

PIP20 Family - Embedded PC with Intel® Processor

Based on our current popular PIP22, we are expanding the PIP20 Family line with two new processors.

  • PIP22: Core 2 Duo 1.5Ghz L7400 processor
  • PIP23: Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz T7400 processor
  • PIP19: Celeron 1.06Ghz M423 processor

Unlike any other PC in the market, the PIP20 Family is extremely flexible. There are several housings (IP51 & IP67) in different colors available. The solution is expandable over its internal expansion buses (PC/104-Plus, PMC, PCI, PCI-Express Minicard), allowing to add any required additional functionality.

PIP20 FamilySome of the unique features are:

  • » Reliable and rugged design
  • » On-board soldered CPU and SDRAM
  • » Low power consumption (fanless operation)
  • » Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • » FireWire, USB2.0 and Serial ports
  • » Wide input voltage 8-28VDC (optional 18-48VDC)
  • » Extended temperature version (PIP19 & PIP22)
  • » Long term availability guarantee

For further product details please visit: www.mpl.ch/t24b0.html

As the holiday season approaches, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued partnership. It is people like you who make our jobs a pleasure and keep our company successful.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and our best wishes for a healthy and successful 2012.

An example of the meaning \"Flexibility\" at MPL AG

Most of you know that MPL AG is extremely flexible when it comes to adjust the standard product to the customer requirements and wishes. It does not matter if it is just the top foil, or integration of an extension card, or even loading customer specific software or images. In this month's newsletter, we would like to give you a sample of the flexibility we have proven to one of our customers.

The customer required the following solution with a PIP22

- 12 serial lines
- 16 channel 12-bit inputs
- 2 channel 12-bit output
- 8 digital In/ out
- 5 GigE ports

all mounted in a housing with MIL connectors but as light as possible.

Our MIL housing solution would have been the ideal solution, but it was too heavy as weight was a key issue.

With some discussion we came up with a solution that incorporates the standard PIP housing with enforced side plates and MIL connectors according to the wiring diagram and requirement of the customer.

The final solution fulfilled all customer needs in

- functionality
- connectivity
- compactness
- light weight
- cost

If you have similar projects, please talk to us! MPL is flexible and we will find the perfect solution for you within our product range.

CEC - The Compact Embedded Industrial PC - now going to be Marine certified (EN60945)

Due to its compactness and power, we received requests to certify the CEC product family for the ship industry.

The heart of the CEC are the low power consumption ATOM CPU's from Intel. They are are in Intel's embedded program which guarantees a long-term availability for the CPU. MPL products are typically being offered for at least 10 years.

The solution comes without any cable connection and makes it ideal for rugged applications like on the sea or in vehicles. Even HDD or SSD are connected without the use of a connector cable.

CECs are very universal as they come with 2 serial lines, up to 7 USB ports, PC/2 DVI, and up to 4 GigeE interfaces. They can be expanded internally over a miniPCIe with WLAN, Fieldbus (Profibus, CAN, ...) or any other miniPCIe module.

The input range is 9 -36 VDC and polarity protected. The unit can be wall mounted with a flange or via DIN-Rail mounting. Needless to say that the solution is available with optional bonding and coating.

Additional unique features are:
 - Compact size 62.0 x 162.1 x 118mm (W x H x D)
 - Optional -40°C up to +85°C
 - Up to 2GB DDR2 memory
 - SATA IF for DOM and 2.5" disk
 - Long-term availability
 - BIOS customization or OEM solutions possible

The CEC units are developed in Switzerland based on 25 years company tradition with a huge know how in lowest power consumption and extended temperature operation. According the company slogan "MPL High-Tech • Made in Switzerland", all products are 100% produced in Switzerland by MPL AG.

Small, Rugged Embedded Computer with low power consumption

Valued reader, "The new CEC4 expands the MPL Embedded Computer product range with a headless industrial solution. The CEC4 comes with 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The specifically designed CEC housing allows the CEC to operate in harsh environments without the need of fans or ventilation holes, and can easily be mounted on a 35mm DIN-Rail or with a flange on a wall. The compact housing offers sufficient space to add a SSD or SATA DOM, a 5-port switch (MAGBES) with copper only or mixed with fiber or other peripherals. The CEC4 can be tailor made to your needs, even with IP67 housing and MIL connectors.

The operation temperature range is from -20°C to +60°C and optionally even -40°C to +85°C, certainly without fan or case openings. The internal miniPCIe slot allows various extensions (WLAN, GPRS...). Additional available are 3 USB connectors and a microSD Memory Card Slot for easy logging and/or configuration capabilities. Do you miss any features? Please contact us, the CEC4 can be customized over an optional backplane for additional interfaces.
Additional unique features are:

  • Input voltage range (8 - 36VDC)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Extreme low power consumption
  • 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Optional R232 interface to connect a console
  • completely cable-free (no internal wiring)

The system comes with a full functional Linux Debian distribution.