KorenixSky--07 A Pushing Hand to Warehouse Automation- Korenix JetWave Series

Korenix has successfully applied its wireless product jet wave 3220 industrial dual 802.11n 2.4G/5G 2T2R MIMO Wireless AP/Bridge to automated ware houses in China

Korenix JetNet 4508 V2 series Heavy Industry Certified 8-port Fiber / Copper switches focus Heavy Industry EMC Certified design!

Korenix has designed its JetNet 4508 V2 series Industrial Fast Ethernet Copper and Fiber switches to provide reliable flexible distance data communication along with network management in factory floors, plant automation systems, utility fields etc. Korenix provides two models, the JetNet 4508 V2 designed with 8 Fast Ethernet RJ45 ports and JetNet 4508f V2 with 6 Fast Ethernet plus 2 Fiber ports for up to 30KM distance uplink connection. All the ports support 32Gbps switch fabric ensuring real time non blocking data transmission without data loss.

Key features of JetNet 4508 V2 series are:
Watchdog Timer for System Stability
To provide system stability and reliability in harsh environments, the switches are designed with a built-in hardware based watchdog timer. This helps them avoiding system crash caused by environmental factors in the plants, such as intense electromagnetic interference, extreme temperature variations and wrong instruction looping.
Modbus TCP for Enhanced Connectivity and Easy Maintenance
The switches support Modbus TCP and therefore, enable users to connect to SCADA and HMI systems, easily maintain the connected devices, monitor and update the status of the switches, etc. By doing so, users can save costs and time of implementing additional management software in the control-network infrastructure of factory or plant automation

Korenix JetCon 3401G Ruggedized Gigabit Fiber Media Converter is now IEC 61000-6-2 heavy industrial EMC / EMS compliant!

Korenix offers JetCon 3401G Gigabit Copper to Gigabit Fiber Media Converter, designed with Giga SFP port, superior traffic management and excellent IP31 grade ruggedized design with -25~70oC operating temperature and IEC 61000-6-2 heavy industrial EMC / EMS requirement conformance - a perfect combination of features necessary for reliably extending high-speed, high-bandwidth data under toughest conditions of industrial plants.

Key distinguishing features of JetCon 3401G are:
Flexible Gigabit SFP for Extended Fiber Transmission
JetCon 3401G users may benefit from its SFP port interface to flexibly install various type transceivers and, therefore, extend the optical fiber connection of 1000Mbps speed based on specific distance requirements of their plant network.
Superior Ruggedized Design with high EMS and EMC immunity
The converter outstands among similar solutions by its ruggedized IP31 enclosure design, which provides excellent EMS immunity to resist under severe applications with electromagnetic interference, vibration and shock. Moreover, with its superior Level 3 EMS, it conforms to IEC 61000-6-2 heavy industrial standard and exceeds EMS requirements for plant automation. Furthermore, as it is designed to withstand under -25~70oC operating temperature range, users are capable to install them in plants where the temperature greatly varies.

Korenix offers JetCon 2401 Industrial RS232/422/485 to Fiber Converters for up to 40KM reliable & high-quality serial data communication in extended network infrastructures!

Korenix JetCon 2401 series are single port industrial media converters designed to convert serial data to fiber optic for extending the electrical signal channels between distant devices. With their 3-in-1 RS232/422/485 serial interface in one port, the converters become highly compatible with various serial equipments in power plants. Moreover, to improve transmission quality of the RS485 signals, the converters provide RX biasing resistance, controlled by a DIP switch, enabling users to maintain the proper idle voltage state, improve connection quality regardless of the cabling length.

The fiber optic ports of the JetCon 2401 enable users to isolate and prevent electrical interference or overvoltage among different serial devices, while extending the data transmission to your desired location. Network constructors can choose to use JetCon 2401-s with single-mode or JetCon 2401-m with multi-mode fiber optic ports to extend high-performance and non-stop data respectively to 5KM or 40KM distances based on their network requirements.

Korenix JetBox 3300 series Compact Embedded Linux Computers with rich interface and Linux Computing provide Enhanced Front-End Control in Plant Automation Systems!

Korenix offers JetBox 3300 and JetBox 3350i-w Embedded Platforms with Linux capability and versatile interfaces - compact solutions designed to provide connectivity and perform computing and front-end control in plant and factory automation systems.

Integrated rich interface makes them ideal fit for field site deployment: the 2 Ethernet ports ensure redundant data uplink transmission, 2 USB ports enable data storage and wireless data trasnmission, 2 RS-232/422/485 serial ports for connectivity to access and security control equipment, as well as 16 DIO ports (JetBox 3300-w only) for integrating alarms, indicators, sensors for digital device control. Moreover, as the platforms support the new Wifi dongle by built-in RT2870 driver, users are able to connect them through the USB ports for extending data to the control center through wireless connection.

Korenix JetCon 2302 Heavy industry certified 2-Channel Fiber Media Converter, a Cost-Effective solution for Flexible, Long Distance Communication!

Korenix offers JetCon 2302 2-channel media converter with IEC 61000-6-2/6-4 Heavy Industrial certifications to extend data over optical fiber for longer distance transmission in industrial applications, such as factory and plant automation systems, water and energy utilities, gas and oil field site applications, etc. 

The converters, which have an exclusive design of 2 Fast Ethernet copper and 2 Fiber ports, can be flexibly used in your specific installations: they can work as 4-port Fast Ethernet Fiber Switches or 2-channel Fiber Converters to best fit in industrial applications with different connection requirements. As a result, the JetCon 2302 can substitute a number of single function devices and save your networking costs.

You can choose to use the JetCon 2302 models with multi-mode fiber optic ports (JetCon 2302-m) for extending data up to 2KM or single-mode fiber ports (JetCon 2302-s) for 30KM data extension based on your required transfer distance.

Using their excellent electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) with Level 3 performance of IEC 61000-4-2/-3/-4/-5/-6/-8/-9 standards, as well as the High Level.

Korenix JetNet 3005G / 3008G Outstanding 5 and 8-port Full Gigabit Entry-Level Switches upgrade High-Speed Large Scale Industrial Networks!

Korenix offers JetNet 3005G and JetNet 3008G entry-level switches designed with 5 and 8 Full Gigabit Ethernet ports to best fit in field levels of plant automation systems for carrying out high-bandwidth data at higher speed. With the supported QoS, broadcast storm filtering as well as up to 9KB Jumbo Frame technologies, both switches ensure real-time and high quality data transmission without any packet loss. Furthermore, the simple plug-&-play design of the compact switches with IP31 grade protected aluminum enclosure ensures easy installation and enables the devices to provide high-performance data from field-level while withstanding severe conditions at the sites.
The major distinguishing features of the switches are:

High Performance via 5/8-port full gigabit design
The switches are designed with full gigabit ports with broadcast storm filtering function, which ensures faster local transmission latency and efficient upstream transmission without data loss and blocking. Users can choose to deploy the JetNet 3005G with 5 Gigabit copper ports or JetNet 3008G with 8 Gigabit copper ports, based on their network bandwidth and the required number of connections.