Replacement for SiliconDrive flash memory from WD (Western Digital)

Discontinued flash memories are still making trouble. Compatibility problems with replacement products are commonplace. This also applies to the SiliconDrive flash memory from Western Digital, which was discontinued in 2013. Syslogic offers a solution that can be used to avoid the anger.

Touch Panel Computer in Plastics Processing: Full power – Extrusion brought right to the point

The North German company iNOEX is the market and innovation leader in measurement and control technology for plastics extrusion, a process for producing hoses and pipes. To control its dosing stations and wall thickness measuring systems, which are used around the world, iNOEX relies on the ultra robust HMI systems of the embedded specialist Syslogic.

CAN Industrial Computers: Syslogic is setting its sights on industrial automation

The fanless industrial computers from Syslogic are used worldwide in various industrial sectors. With the CAN computer Compact SL 8, Syslogic is now specifically setting its aim on automation companies. The devices are particularly suitable as control computers or protocol converters in industrial automation.

Syslogic presents its network video recorder for railway application

Syslogic has specialized in industrial computers for mobile use. The company will be showcasing its Railway Recorder Compact 8 at the InnoTrans in Berlin, the largest trade show for railway technology. The network video recorder with the Intel Atom E3845 processor complies with railway applications standard EN50155 and is particularly suitable for monitoring train security.

EN50155 Certified: Syslogic Presents the Embedded Computer for Railway Use

Syslogic specializes in embedded box computers for mobile use. With the Railway Computer Compact 71, Syslogic is expanding its line of embedded computers for the railway industry. The company wants to strengthen its position in the railway market with this new embedded computer.

Compact S and Compact M: For Traffic and Machine Control Systems

The embedded PCs of the Compact M Series are equipped with Vortex86DX2 processors. This is a processor platform developed especially for embedded applications. The key feature of Vortex86DX2 processors is that they combine all four main functions – the CPU, the graphics chip and the Northbridge and Southbridge – within a single chip. The highly integrated design not only saves space but also reduces the energy demand of the embedded PC.

Compact ML and Compact SL: For Industrial Automation and Driverless Transport Systems

Thanks to their interface configuration, the Compact SL and Compact ML embedded computers belong to the group of all-rounders among Syslogic industrial computers. The dual-board Compact ML computers are fitted as standard with two Ethernet, two isolated CAN, four USB and six serial interfaces. The industrial computers of the Compact ML Series are also expandable with PC/104 cards and radio modules.

Compact MS and Compact XS: For Traffic Control Systems

The Compact MS and Compact XS are among the smallest embedded computers on the market. With their fanless design, they are suitable for 24/7 operation. They can be configured with a large number of interfaces such as Ethernet, RS232 and RS485. The embedded box PCs can also be combined with popular fieldbus systems such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CAN and the like.

More power for the Compact SL Series: Syslogic shifts up to the new Atom E3800 processors

Syslogic is upgrading its embedded computers in the Compact SL Series. At the most important trade show in this sector, Embedded World in Nuremberg from February 25 to 27, Syslogic will for the first time present its Compact SL computers with the new Intel Atom E3800 processors, which are also known under the name Bay Trail.

Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Series: For Industrial Machinery and Vehicle Control Systems

Syslogic touch panel computers from the Projective Capacitive Touch Panel Series comprise a scratch-proof and wear-free touchscreen, thereby meeting the high requirements from industry in terms of robustness and durability. The touch panel computers are designed for an extended temperature range of between -25 and +65° C and suitable for continuous operation (24/7) and are therefore able to stand up to extreme environmental conditions.

Compact 71 Series: For Railway Applications and Mobile Automation

With the Compact 71 Series, Syslogic offers single-board and box computers developed especially for use in trains, vehicles and mobile machines. Thanks to the uncompromising industrial design, the Syslogic devices are able to withstand not only shocks and vibrations but also extreme temperatures.