Beam Load Cell SD

The beam load cell type SD is a robust digital OIML certified beam load cell for dynamic weighing, process weighing and general industrial weighing. Application examples are belt scales, platform scales, small vessels, filling machines, process equipment etc. It is OIML certified (up to C6, MI10) according to OIML R60.

  • Produced in stainless steel
  • Robust capacitive technology
  • Patented high reliability capacitive sensor
  • OIML R60 accuracy classes up to C6 (MI10)
  • High tolerance of up to 1.000% overload
  • Hermetically sealed to IP68
  • Laser welded
  • High accuracy, High resolution
  • Made in Denmark
  • Digital filters
  • Cable length up to 100 meters
  • Calibration independent of cable length
  • Load cell cable replaceable
  • Easy mechanical and electrical installation
  • Withstands welding voltages and ESD

Some of its applications are:

  • Dynamic weighing
  • Process weighing
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Vibration sorters
  • Filling and dosing
  • Platform scales
  • Packaging machines
  • Hopper scales
  • Belt scales
  • Conveyor scales
  • Big-bag equipment
  • On-board weighing

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