Vibration Sensors for Railway Technology

Vibration sensors for Railway technology

The push towards high-speed trains in Europe and Asia has led to many innovations including the magneto levitation train where sensors are used to precisely control under all failure conditions the height of the coaches over the magnetic field.

Tilting and high speed trains require precise acceleration measurement and tilt stabilization to ensure passenger comfort and/or to monitor vibration and bogie conditioning thereby to assist in preventative maintenance and health usage monitoring and planning (HUMS).

Colibrys’ MEMS capacitive sensors are already well recognized for their high reliability in harsh environment and have already been successfully qualified for safety critical railway applications. The latest important integration of Colibrys MEMS capacitive accelerometers has been in the innovative bogie monitoring system for Velaro D high-speed trains made by Siemens Mobility.

Typical applications are:

  • High-speed tilt train control to improve riding comfort
  • Bogie monitoring and diagnostics for security and comfort
  • Position monitoring for magnetic levitation train control system
  • Track monitoring for safety and maintenance
  • Precise train positioning
  • Shock monitoring during transportation

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