Motion Sensors for Seismic Monitoring

Motion sensors for Seismic Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring systems are increasingly being installed throughout the world most especially in areas vulnerable to high levels of seismic activity but also within large structures subject to sub-surface landslip, mining, or externally induced stress and vibration.

Strong Motion seismic sensor technology is evolving in respond to these emerging demands with traditional Electromechanical FBAs being increasingly displaced by more cost effective, more robust MEMS based sensors.

In California as in Chile there are buildings equipped with Colibrys sensors to confirm their structural integrity after an earthquake.

In more and more seismically sensitive parts of the world seismic sensors mounted in buildings, bridges, dams, levees, rail tracks or tunnels will alert and inform emergency intervention services where any natural disaster has had maximum impact and help prioritize call out services in the worst areas.

Typical applications:

  • Bridges, dams, levees, roads, nuclear plants, buildings, wind turbines monitoring
  • Subsidence of mines, buildings
  • Structural testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Quality assurance

Low power consumption, higher quality sensors remain the key challenge today. Therefore Colibrys seismic sensors are the perfect products for very low signal measurement in seismic applications.

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