MEMS Accelerometers

Accelerometers for Test-Measurement and R&D

Test and measurement applications require high performance sensors which special features such as high temperature, high sensitivity, broader frequency, accuracy, robustness and DC coupled.

Colibrys motion sensors are based on MEMS technology and designed for high-end requirements: high stability, low noise, low power, low weight and size, as well as high reliability. Colibrys offer a full range of products from ± 2g to ±200g and all our products are extensively qualified and available for temperature ranges between -55°c to + 125°C at least.

VS9000 products from Colibrys are already extensively used for automotive and aircraft & helicopter testing by our T & M customers.

Typical automotive applications are:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Vehicle ride quality – road inputs
  • Vehicle durability testing
  • Ride comfort/stability - in vehicle
  • Crash testing

Typical aerospace applications are:

  • Flight and ground test
  • Aircraft and helicopter structural analysis
  • Aircraft flutter testing
  • Active vibration damping in helicopters

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