World\'s First Ionic Wind-Cooled Wireless Power Transmitter Supporting Ultra-Fast Charging Expected to Begin Volume Shipments in Q1 2020

6 January 2020

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ventiva™, the Silicon Valley company revolutionizing thermal management for the global electronics industry with motionless and silent ionic wind technology, today announced that its strategic partner IDT/Renesas is expected to begin volume shipments of the P9247-V wireless power transmitter in the first quarter of 2020.  The result of a two-year collaboration, the P9247-V is the first semiconductor solution ever introduced that incorporates the software and control required to enable ionic cooling devices.  

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The result is the ability to simultaneously provide up to 30W of high-speed wireless charging for a wide range of mobile phones and other electronic devices while also cooling them with solid-state, silent, vibrationless air movement. The innovative solution can reduce wireless charging times for devices that support high-power fast charging, and add a level of protection to the investment users make in their electronic devices by keeping them cool as they charge.

One of the only companies to introduce breakthrough electronics cooling technology in decades, Ventiva is addressing a $20B market TAM for thermal management solutions, according to industry analysts.  Ventiva's ICE™ leverages the principle of corona wind to move air without noise, vibration or moving parts.  Silence, coupled with compact size, makes Ventiva's ICE technology ideal for use in wireless charging, laptops, streaming media devices, routers and many other electronic devices including the forthcoming 5G-enabled mobile phones.

"Resulting from IDT's investment in Ventiva, and in close partnership with their R&D and product teams, Ventiva has been able to tailor our ICE technology to the demanding requirements of high-speed charging," said Carl Schlachte, Ventiva's Chairman, President and CEO.  "The result is one of the only solutions in the world that can support very high-speed charging of mobile phones at up to 30W of power and keep the phone and its battery cool while doing so."

Schlachte continued, "Today's announcement comes at an inflection point for Ventiva.  As our solutions begin to ship in volume with IDT/Renesas and others, we are both accelerating customer engagements for our first and second generation product lines, as well as deepening discussions and proof-of-concept projects with some of the world's most respected companies.  This is an exciting time for Ventiva as we work to extend the benefits of our unique cooling solutions, helping solve some of the toughest thermal challenges in the electronics industry."

About the P9247-V Wireless Power Transmitter with Ventiva® ICE™

The P9247-V is a highly integrated, magnetic induction, wireless power transmitter from IDT/Renesas that supports up to 15W in compliance with the WPC-1.2.4 specification and 30W in proprietary applications. The device is compatible with all popular wireless charging protocols including the WPC Baseline Power Profile (BPP), Extended Power Profile (EPP), up to 7.5W charging for iPhones, and Android proprietary fast charging modes. This system on-chip solution (SoC) operates with an input voltage range of 5V to 19V and supports various types of wall adapters. For information, please contact IDT/Renesas.

About Ventiva 

Ventiva is a technology company founded in San Jose, California, developing innovative thermal management devices. Based upon the principle of ionization, Ventiva has harnessed corona wind to develop a line of small, silent, solid-state air movers that are both cost-effective and practical to use in modern thin, lightweight and compact consumer devices. In development for over 10 years, the technology known as ICE (Ionic Cooling Engine) is available for volume shipments in first quarter 2020. For more information visit

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