Valve Customization Is Now Available at XHVAL

24 July 2019

XHVAL, an industrial manufacturing company specializing in industrial valves proudly announces that it is now accepting valve customization. This move is applicable to globe valves and other types of valves being produced by the company. This is in line with the company’s commitment to providing high-quality valves suitable for any industrial application.

The Need for Customization of Industrial Valves
More and more valves are being customized nowadays. In today’s highly competitive industrial market, efficiency to extract raw materials means having to resort to valves being made to order. Additionally, companies that value the long service life of their valves prefer to have them customized.

Some applications require specialized valves. Standard valve production does not often include such valves. For a small company that requires these, the most efficient way is to have the valves commissioned.

However, customized valves require technical and experienced hands. That being said, companies that offer valve customization emphasize quality over quantity.

About XHVAL Valve Customization
Valve customization at XHVAL begins with consultation with the customer as part of XHVAL’s desire to heighten its customer base relationships. XHVAL has in-house engineers whose expertise range from identifying the best material down to the most appropriate design for the particular valve.

“Customers can choose different materials and finishes for their valves. They can also personalize the design and the quality of valve components. While these may be subject to quality standards, XHVAL valves are guaranteed to have full operating parameters in place,” mentions an R&D team member.

All XHVAL valves and valve components are thoroughly inspected and tested before these are released to the customers. This is a part of the XHVAL dedication to continue to further understand the unique needs of its customer base.

Valves produced by the company carry the stamp of approval of API600, API6D, API607, API6FA certifications. The company has also received certifications from ISO and DIN. XHVAL valves are compliant to several international standard organizations such as ASME and the likes.

The collaboration between XHVAL, through its research and development team, and the customers provide a venue for additional value to customers. This is also in line with its vision to provide products through innovation.

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XHVAL manufactures several types of industrial valves. These valves can be custom-made according to the preferences of the client. The company specializes in ball valve, globe valves, check valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves. With its headquarters in Wenzhou, China, XHVAL has produced and serviced valves for clients the world over.

For inquiries, contact them through their several communication lines:
Tel: +86 577 5768 9696
Fax: +86 577 5768 7959