Thoughtonomy Launches Industry Initiative to Combat the Threat of Poor Quality Automation Damaging Enterprise Operations

10 December 2018

LONDON, November 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Thoughtonomy, the award-winning Intelligent Automation provider, is today launching the first tool on the market that ensures any business user can develop enterprise-quality automations as standard. The new "Wireframer" feature within Thoughtonomy's Virtual Workforce® platform, incorporates best practice engineering knowledge in a new simple to use automation builder interface that guides business users through the design phase, reducing development time by 70% and pre-populating new automations with robust, controls as standard.

The enterprise market for intelligent automation, which includes artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation is set to grow from $12.4billion in 2018 to $232 billion in 2025 according to global consultancy KPMG[1]. Against this backdrop of explosive adoption, Thoughtonomy is leading the industry in taking action to ensure that companies can rest assured that the automations underpinning critical processes are being accredited and will be developed to a consistent standard across any function. This approach turns on its head the current trend for individuals to be certified in utilizing automation software while ignoring the dangers of allowing the process automations they create to be launched unchecked at wildly different levels of quality.

"Without enforcing standards in automation, we run the risk of creating the next generation of legacy technology issues that will cost huge amounts of time and money to rectify. You would not allow builders working on separate floors to install their personal interpretation of plumbing and wiring. Similarly, the industry cannot afford to propagate the release of automations that are of disparate quality across organisations. With the introduction of Wireframer we are taking the lead in preventing the rise of future technology debt," said Danny Major, CTO at Thoughtonomy.

Commenting on the breakthrough capability, Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst from leading industry analyst firm, Everest Group said, "Wireframer is an interesting development. Having seen a demo of it, I believe it makes it easier for business users to automate processes using RPA. This is another step in helping organizations implement better quality software and deploy robots faster. I believe this type of development over time will evolve into automating automation."

With the new feature, business users define the high level structure of an automation within Thoughtonomy's virtual workforce platform and then Wireframer autonomously builds out the process structure, ensuring that the appropriate controls are in place for everything from application interaction through to exception handling.

Specialist, intelligent automation integrator, Symphony Ventures has been trialing the Wireframer tool on early release. "We have been impressed by the speed with which we can create new automations using Wireframer. The long term benefits for enterprises of being assured that their network of automations can be easily maintained and operate to a consistent level is game-changing," said Lukasc Gargasz, Head of Digital CoE.

"Wireframer" builds on Thoughtonomy's internal standardization of best practice standards for automation design amongst its team of experienced automation experts. Tom Blackburn, Head of Product Architecture at Thoughtonomy, said: "It's easy to build an automation, but it's a lot less easy to build a good automation. With Wireframer, we're allowing business users to tap into and benefit from the extensive knowledge of our own dedicated Automation Designers, as well as leverage the expertise of more than 200 clients whose experiences in Intelligent Automation have shaped the new tool. By doing so, we are accelerating progress towards the definition of ITIL-4 standards for process automation."

Through its Virtual Workforce Platform, Thoughtonomy provides companies with access to a pool of cloud-based intelligent digital that can take on the time-consuming, repetitive tasks that impede the productivity of human workforces. By integrating these digital workers with human teams, companies can accelerate growth and achieve a step change in efficiency. On the back of rapid international expansion and revenue growth Thoughtonomy was recently ranked fourth in the Sunday Times Hiscox Fast Track 100 and 11th in the Deloitte Tech Fast 50.

1. KPMG study: Ready, Set, Fail?: Avoiding setbacks in the intelligent automation race []. (2018)

About Thoughtonomy  

Thoughtonomy is a UK-headquartered AI software company that enables organisations and the people they employ to do more and achieve more. The company's award-winning SaaS platform, gives companies access to a pool of cloud based intelligent digital workers that can perform the repetitive, time-intensive tasks that slow people down. By integrating this digital workforce with their human teams, companies can accelerate growth and achieve a step change in efficiency.

Thoughtonomy was founded in the UK in 2013 and now supports more than 200 clients spread across a wide range of industries in 29 countries. The company has offices in London and Manchester in the UK, as well as New York and Austin in the US.

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