The Industry\'s Most Advanced Portfolio of ICs for mmWave 5G, SATCOM, and RADAR

4 June 2019

Anokiwave is featuring the industry's most advanced portfolio of Silicon ICs for mmWave 5G, SATCOM, and RADAR applications at this week's IMS2019.

BOSTON, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Anokiwave, Inc. showcases the industry's most advanced and complete portfolio of Silicon ICs for mmWave 5G, SATCOM, and RADAR applications this week at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium in Boston, MA, USA. Anokiwave's unique and advanced design capabilities enable the industry's highest performing mmWave active antennas.

This year marks Anokiwave's 20th anniversary as well as the release of its 3rd generation of mmWave dual polarization 5G Beamformer ICs (BFICs), IF Up/Down Converters (IFICs), and 2nd generation of K/Ka and Ku Band SATCOM BFICs.

Our 5G portfolio supports everything from macro-cells to small-cells to customer premises equipment (CPE) in the mmWave frequencies that are now in play: the existing 28 and 39 GHz bands; the 24/26 GHz band, for which the auction has just completed; and the 37/39 GHz bands scheduled for auction later this year. The 5G Gen-3 family features full RF signal chain functionality that improves performance, reduces cost, and provides a host of digital functionality that simplifies the active antenna array design.

The Gen-2 Ku and K/Ka-Band SATCOM Beamformer IC family offers options for both of the key SATCOM bands for ground, maritime, and airborne equipment, while ensuring unmatched performance and low cost. The new IC family enables active antenna based phased array SATCOM terminals that can auto-align and auto-position and support SATCOM-on-the-move using LEO/MEO/GEO satellites.

Anokiwave's highlights for this week's IMS2019 conference include:

  • Dr. Nitin Jain, Anokiwave Founder and CTO, will receive the IEEE Fellow award for 2019 recognizing his leadership in the development of physics-based models for mmWave System-on-Chip ICs.
  • Dr. Jain and Alastair Upton, Anokiwave Chief Strategy Officer, will participate and present in the IEEE 5G Summit, a special co-organized event between the IEEE ComSec and MTT Society. With the 5G auctions taking place in the U.S., and new systems announced almost daily, this year's event will focus on the true 5G system rollouts with Anokiwave highlighting the commercialization aspect of 5G and the technical and economic factors related to the rollout.
  • Members of Anokiwave's senior management team will be present at our booth #223 and available to answer questions about our latest product portfolio and for meetings during the exhibition. To schedule an appointment with us, please visit

About Anokiwave:

Anokiwave is a cutting-edge provider of highly integrated IC solutions that enable emerging mm-Wave markets and Active Antenna based solutions. Anokiwave's creative system architectures and optimal selection of semiconductor technologies solve the toughest engineering problems.

Anokiwave is based in San Diego, CA and operates design centers in San Diego, CA and Boston MA with sales offices in Taipei, Taiwan, Boston, MA, and San Diego, CA. Additional information can be found at

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