StartZ – Zimmer Group´s Robot Starter-Box for easy gripper integration

25 February 2021

With their latest product, startZ, the Zimmer Group presents one of the simplest methods for beginners and experts in robotics and handling technology to turn an idea into reality within minutes. For a quick start, the gripper manufacturer from Rheinau supplies the customer with its "Innovation in one box" solution. All the necessary components for set up are contained in a small, smartly designed package. This includes the gripper, communication module, operating software, any required tools and all of the connecting elements.

Once the box is unpacked it only takes a few minutes to connect the gripper to the robot using the interface plate provided. The ready-to-connect “smart communication module” is placed in the robot controller and connected using the robot specific plug and play connectors. The connecting cable is then either internally or externally routed around the robot to the gripper, the gripper is now ready to run. The gripping profile is set up to suit the task at hand using a standard PC. Once the hardware has been assembled the operator connects thePC to the “smart communication module” and then uses the intuitive guideZ software to set the gripper parameters. guideZ is a user wizard for fast and simple commissioning of components. It enables user-guided implementation for programmers of all skill levels. expertZ and monitorZ mode are included within the same software module. expertZ is a software tool for gripping experts. With it, the gripping parameters defined using guideZ can be fine-tuned for the application. monitorZ allows the status of the gripping unit to be monitored at a glance during operation. Gripping positions, operating states – everything directly on one screen to guarantee maximum system availability.

Comfort App

In addition, Zimmer Group offers a comfort app tailored to the robot manufacturer, this enables the gripper to be controlled and operated conveniently via the respective robot operating unit. It guarantees simple set-up operation and contains all the necessary commands for implementing a smooth automatic mode, plug and work or plug and grip within minutes!


  • All components ready to connect in one box
  • Intuitive guideZ setup software
  • Manufacturer-specific Comfort app for actuating the gripper via the robot control panel
  • Mounting material included
  • Required assembly tools included



Author: Gregor Neumann // Medien & Kommunikation // Zimmer Group

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