Sicoya Demonstrates 400G Silicon Photonics Technology

20 March 2019

BERLIN, Mar. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sicoya, the leading innovator of monolithically integrated Silicon Photonics, has announced it will demonstrate its 400G Silicon Photonics technology at OFC 2019.  The demonstration is based on a pluggable module based on Sicoya's 400G Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuit(EPIC) Engine. The EPIC Engine, which is a highly-integrated silicon photonics IC targeting reach of 500 m and beyond over single mode optical fibers, fits leading edge form factors for the 400G data center market such as QSFP-DD, OSFP and COBO.

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The demonstration will showcase Sicoya's leadership in the emerging 400G Datacenter Interconnect market. Today's hyperscale datacenters require vast amounts of data to be transferred from any point within the datacenter to another. A significant portion of these connections in hyperscale datacenters are as long as 500m with speeds of up to 400Gb/s.  Sicoya's wafer-scale silicon photonics platform offers lower power and cost while increasing performance and scalability versus traditional manufacturing techniques. 

"The amount of functions integrated into the EPIC Engine is truly revolutionary," said Dr. Sven Otte, CEO of Sicoya GmbH. "A single EPIC Engine integrates the functions of about seven packaged semiconductor components found in traditional transceiver architectures.  The scalability and cost advantages are obvious. Less obvious are the increased performance and power efficiency as a result of eliminating the chip to chip connections."

Dr. Stefan Meister, CTO Sicoya GmbH, noted: "The EPIC engine significantly reduces the complexity of the pluggable transceiver design. The pluggable module becomes basically a chip carrier, and there is considerable empty space within the module. One can imagine a time soon when the pluggable interface becomes unnecessary and the EPIC Engine is mated directly with the ASIC on the host board. This is a truly disruptive idea."

Sicoya's 400G EPIC Engine is a cost-effective platform that integrates electrical and optical functions into a single component. This high level of integration allows Sicoya to offer best in class performance and manufacturing scalability. The 400G EPIC Engine is comprised of four pairs of Transmitter and Receiver, each operating at 100Gb/s. The 100G lanes are specifically 50Gbaud PAM4 optical signals.

About Sicoya:  

Sicoya develops the world's most highly integrated Silicon Photonic solutions which blend traditional CMOS processing and optical components in a single chip. This approach reduces power, size, and cost for our network equipment vendor, hyperscale datacenter, and telecom service provider customers. Sicoya is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and was founded in 2015.  For more information, visit


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