Scaling up the SiNANOde® production from 10 to 100 tons annually

4 April 2019

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OneD Material™ announces the issuance on March 26th of the new US Patent No. 10,243,207.  The patent discloses novel industrial-scale manufacturing processes to produce SiNANOde® anode material at volume and cost which are attractive to battery makers and their OEM customers.  Dr. Yimin Zhu, OneD's Chief Technology officer, is one of the three co-inventors. (PRNewsfoto/OneD Material, LLC)

For more than a decade, Dr. Zhu and his team have worked on new methods to grow silicon nanowires on graphite particles to increase the energy density of lithium ion batteries.  Since 2010, OneD has produced growing quantities of SiNANOde® and supplied several leading battery makers for extensive testing. More recently, this team has successfully perfected and optimized the manufacturing process to scale production of SiNANOde® from today's 10 tons to over 100 tons capacity per year.

SiNANOde® manufacturing process uses commercially available CVD furnaces to grow silicon nanowires directly onto the best commercially available graphite active materials using silane gas supplied already at scale to the semiconductor and solar industries. This unique combination enables the increase in SiNANOde® production volumes by orders of magnitude at a very competitive cost.

In contrast to silicon oxides (SiOx) added to graphite anodes in some commercial batteries or newer silicon-graphite materials recently announced but yet not available in commercial quantities, SiNANOde® anode materials provide a far superior drop-in solution to reach higher energy densities which has been already produced at tons-scale and is now ready to be produced at increasing industrial scale and attractive costs.

More details on the manufacturing process and the SiNANOde® materials are available at OneD's website under the TECHNICAL SECTION.

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