Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer Begins Implementation of New ERP System

10 December 2018

Philadelphia, PA, Nov. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deacom, Inc., the developer of a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, has kicked off implementation for Foam Supplies, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative polyurethane foam chemical technologies using its patented blowing agent, Ecomate®. The new ERP system will provide the technology foundation to manage their production operations and provide the flexibility for future growth.


Having previously implemented off-the-shelf ERP software that had to be highly customized to suit their needs, the company found themselves in a technology lock-down. As the company continues to grow, the team at Foam Supplies saw a need for a system overhaul that could meet their evolving business requirements and allow them to stay competitive in the market.

“It was important that this be done with an ERP solution that didn’t require a lot of IT support or customizations, and could be implemented by the same team that developed it,” said Roland Thomas, CFO of Foam Supplies. “Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to remain flexible and being able to do the things that others cannot. With Deacom, we have found a partner that will provide us with the functionalities necessary to standardize our processes, while at the same time allow us to remain nimble.” 

Utilizing DEACOM ERP, Foam Supplies will be able to manage all of its operations from within a single system. This will include inventory management, purchasing, production and scheduling, accounting and finance, sales and order entry, formulation and quality control, warehousing and shipping, and even mobile access - which will provide their Tech Services division with the ability to track service contracts and part replacements. The company will also utilize the platform’s asset tracking capabilities to manage its cylinder fleet, gaining efficiencies in tracking their locations, knowing when they are being returned, and planning for the acquisition of new ones.

Among the reasons why Deacom was chosen, was because the company demonstrated its understanding and expertise of the chemical industry. “It was important to us that we worked with a vendor that had knowledge of the vertical market we conduct our business in,” continued Thomas. “Not only did we need to choose the right technology solution that met our needs, but we wanted to make sure we would be working with the right people behind it.”

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