PerceptIn Launches AI Camera Module to Track Customer Reaction to DOOH Advertising

21 March 2019

FREMONT, Calif., March 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- PerceptIn, a world-class full-stack visual intelligence company focused on robotics, today announced the launch of the PerceptIn Intelligent Viewer Tracking Module (PIVTM), an Internet-of-Things (IoT) intelligence module for generating in-store customer data for vendors and retailers.

The PIVTM is a revolutionary module that enables offline advertisers, brands and vendors to create robust, highly accurate in-store customer profiles, while measuring sentiment and engagement with digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising in real-time. Traditionally the 200-billion-dollar offline advertising industry has been challenged by a lack of real-world customer profile data and real-time insights. To solve this, the PIVTM captures viewing activities of the advertisement displayed on a vending machines screen and measures DOOH advertising effectiveness, and consumer engagement in order to make offline advertising more efficient and effective for brands. With the PIVTM, vendors can now easily optimize their product offerings, the locations where they place their vending machines, as well as their supply chains to drive sales and revenue.

PIVTM Capabilities

  • User Attention Data: The PIVTM measures how long a consumer views and engages with an offline advertisement
  • Customer Profiles: The PIVTM generates detailed customer demographics using non PII data and combines this with product and location information to help retailers optimize their sales and marketing efforts
  • Vendor Customer Data: The PIVTM connects product information to customer profiles and can determine the age, gender and more of a mobile vending machines offline customers to better streamline supply chain and deployment strategy

The PIVTM works by displaying video advertising on a digital signage, kiosk, or vending machine's screen, monitoring engagement and viewer reactions of up to 10 people within a 5-meter distance. The device can also track whether the customer is new or returning. On a more granular level, the device can determine the duration an ad is seen by viewers, and what elements of the advertisement are most effective for capturing attention. Marketers can then use this data to optimize their creative for format, story, layout, call-to-action, ad length, and more.

PerceptIn Intelligent Viewer Tracking Module is installed on a kiosk to make it a smart display signage

During vending activities, the PIVTM generates product and location information, and accurate customer demographics that include gender, age, and more. Protecting user privacy is PerceptIn's highest priority, and the PIVTM does not collect or store any PII data or face ID information. In addition, the PIVTM is designed with an onboard computing device, and the output is purely statistical. All PII data is delinked and desensitized on site. By connecting product information and customer profile data, vendors can optimize their supply chain and deployment strategy, and better understand their customers.

Along with the PIVTM, a monitoring and analysis platform is also provided to mobile vendors and retailers. The platform is displayed on a web page and gathers up-to-the-minute data.  Information like attention duration, visitor amount, sales statistic etc. is presented in its most current form for managers to easily make quick decisions when under heavy time constraints. In addition, they can easily find the most ROI positive location to place the vending machine and display products, and thus better serve customers in different communities.

"The business intelligence generated by PerceptIn Intelligent Viewer Tracking Module is extremely powerful," said Dr. Shaoshan Liu, Founder and Chairman of PerceptIn and recipient of over 150 U.S. and international patents on robotics and autonomous driving. "The PerceptIn Intelligent Viewer Tracking Module has the potential to completely revolutionize the offline advertising, and the vending industries by enabling brands to better understand their customers, who buys their products and ad effectiveness."

Widely deployed in PerceptIn's DragonFly Intelligent Advertising Vehicle, a low-speed autonomous vehicle equipped with digital signage and a vending machine, the PIVTM is also compatible with most vending machines and advertising machines available in the market.

PerceptIn has already shipped over 10,000 units of PIVTM in Asia and successfully proved its effectiveness. PerceptIn is now selecting customers for their PIVTM pilot program in the U.S.

About PerceptIn

PerceptIn is a world-class full-stack visual intelligence company building machines that see, interpret, learn and take action. The company's core technology focused on visual intelligence, is finding its way onto myriad new devices in a broad range of areas, from IoT-grade robots to autonomous driving. PerceptIn's DragonFly is the world's first safe, reliable and affordable people's autonomous vehicle. With offices in California, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, Mainland China, PerceptIn serves more than 100 customers and works on providing hardware and software solutions for the robotization of the next generation of products.

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