NuGen Automation Launches COVID-19 Resource Hub, Portable Command Workstations for Pipeline Control Rooms

14 May 2020

NuGen Automation, a leading SCADA integration and IT solutions provider specializing in energy pipelines, has formally launched a pandemic resource hub and expanded its suite of automation offerings in response to the coronavirus health emergency.

COVID-19 Energy Resource Hub for Pipeline Operators

NuGen Automation ("NuGen") first soft-launched the COVID-19 Energy Resource Hub in April to customers, partners and employees to deliver timely safety information amid the emerging health emergency from novel coronavirus COVID-19.

The Hub has since expanded considerably to include:

  • Pipeline Safety Regulatory Guidance
  • Regulator updates and pandemic guidance from The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), American Petroleum Institute (API), Canada Energy Regulator, and Control Engineering Group
  • Technology Partner Resources
  • Key partnership resources, including Esri (ArcGis), Microsoft (Teams and Skype), AVEVA (formerly WonderWare), and Schneider Electric
  • National Public Health & Safety Information
  • Health and safety guidance from global public health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Company Pandemic Support Resources: Pandemic-response thought leadership and personal health resources guides created by NuGen Automation, including:

COVID-19 Compliance Report: PHMSA Stay of Enforcement

Working Remotely - Health & Wellness Guide: Focus & Safety

Remote Operations Go-Kits for Control Rooms

NuGen's Remote Operations Go-Kits are next-gen contingency solutions for ICS-enabled control rooms. These workstations offer portability, rapid deployment (within minutes), and secure connection (via custom encryption protocols and firewall protection) into any type of industrial control system (ICS) across industries.

Remote Operation Go-Kits feature ruggedized exteriors, fallback broadband, and enterprise access points for peak operations through any disaster scenario.

Each Go-Kit workstation is purpose-assembled at the headquarters campus in Houston by a team of hardware experts with professional experience in dedicated control room technologies.

Field Automation Services

NuGen's Field Automation Services deliver strategic and tactical oilfield automation capabilities in design, programming, documentation, and QA testing. Services include PLC programming, P&ID drawings, front-end engineering, control center upgrades, and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

Field Automation Services can be deployed with accommodations to public safety conditions.

About NuGen Automation

NuGen Automation is an innovation leader within integrated field and pipeline services. It is also the largest provider of third-party control rooms and secured data centers in energy markets (by asset coverage).

Current automation offerings for energy pipelines include: SCADA integration, IT services, pipeline compliance and safety, leak detection, disaster recovery, GIS applications, field automation and Control Room Management data analytics.

NuGen Automation is a part of Linestar, a pipeline integrity compliance suite that includes Tucker Construction and The Compliance Group.

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