Monport Introduces High-Powered Laser Engravers for Precision Deep Laser Cutting

8 September 2023

Monport Laser is a well-known manufacturer of laser engraving machines, and has been at the leading level in high-power CO2 laser engraving machines. The Monport 100W, 130W and 150W CO2 laser engravers are specifically designed to deliver exceptional precision and efficiency in deep laser cutting applications, making them ideal for industries requiring intricate and detailed engraving on a variety of materials. High power laser systems produce considerable energy levels compared to typical lasers. While there is no official definition of how much power is "high power," most laser experts agree that high power lasers are at least a few hundred watts. An entry-level industrial-grade engraving machine can be said to be the ideal demand for many high-volume craftsmen.

Monport Built-in Chiller 150W Laser is a technological breakthrough of the Monport team. Monport has launched 100W, 130W and 150W built-in chiller laser engraving and cutting machines. One of the main advantages of Monport high power laser engravers is the ability to achieve deep laser cuts. Available in 100W, 130W and 150W power options, these machines can easily cut through thick materials. Whether it's acrylic, wood, leather, fabric, or the more difficult-to-cut plywood.

Optimal Solution for Large-Scale Wood Engraving Projects

Monport's high-power CO2 engraving machines have become the first choice for CNC wood cutting in the large home furnishing industry. With their exceptional power and precision, these machines enable artisans to create intricate designs and achieve flawless finishes on wooden surfaces. The high-power laser beams effortlessly cut through thick wood, allowing artisans to bring their creativity to life and meet the demands of high-volume production.

One of the standout features of Monport's high-power CO2 lasers is their ability to achieve deep cutting. The intense laser beams generated by these machines can penetrate deep into materials, resulting in clean and precise cuts. This capability is particularly beneficial for artisans in the large home furnishing industry who often require intricate and detailed carvings on thick wooden surfaces. With Monport's high-power CO2 engraving machines, artisans can achieve exceptional depth and detail, elevating their craftsmanship to new heights.

The high-powered laser systems of the Monport engravers ensure clean and precise cuts. The intense laser beam generated by the 100W, 130W, and 150W lasers effortlessly penetrates through materials, producing smooth edges with minimal heat transfer or distortion. Additionally, the high-powered laser engravers come with an efficient automatic height-adjustment system. This feature allows the laser head to maintain an optimal focal distance from the material's surface, even when working with uneven or irregular materials. By automatically adjusting the focus during the cutting process, the Monport engravers ensure consistent and precise cutting depths.

Innovative Advanced Cooling Systems for High-Power Laser

Recognizing the need for enhanced performance, Monport has continuously upgraded its high-power CO2 engraving machines. In 2022, the company introduced a version with a built-in water chiller. This innovative feature ensures stable temperature control during operation, optimizing the performance of the laser engraving machine. The built-in refrigerator effectively regulates the temperature of the laser tube, allowing for prolonged operation without overheating. As a result, users can rely on consistent and reliable performance, even during extended engraving sessions.

Moreover, Monport Laser has been at the forefront of integrating various aspects of industrial laser cutting machines. From the initial upgrade efforts to the current state of integration, Monport has consistently improved their machines to meet the evolving needs of the industry. By incorporating features such as advanced cooling systems, intuitive software interfaces, and enhanced safety measures, Monport's high-power CO2 engraving machines deliver an all-in-one solution for industrial-level laser cutting applications.

"Monport's high-powered laser engravers revolutionize the deep laser cutting industry," said Darren, CEO at Monport Laser. "With the increased power and advanced features of our machines, businesses can now achieve intricate designs and exceptional precision even on the thickest of materials. Our commitment to providing innovative and reliable laser engraving solutions has made Monport a trusted name in the industry."