LocatorX Inc. Announces Continuation Patent Application Filed for Nanoscale, Ambient-Powered Tracking Chips; Provides Ability to License Exclusive Commercial Rights by Industry

20 March 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LocatorX, a technology company developing accurate, inexpensive and flexible tracking technology, announced today the notice of allowance of a continuation patent application "Global Resource Locator Packaging" by William D. Meadow, founder of LocatorX (US Patent Application No. 20,180,172,799A1).

LocatorX licensed the Oxford patent for the Solid-state Miniature Atomic Clock, (SMAC) which uses nanotechnology and Time Delay of Arrival calculations to provide an inexpensive, ultra-low power way to track any physical asset of any size, nearly everywhere indoors and outside. After the rights to that fundamental molecular patent were secured, LocatorX invested in filing an omnibus patent with 40,000 words and 30+ figures that defined a wide variety of use cases for Internet of Things (IoT) devices that could utilize a SMAC for tracking assets. That patent, awarded in December of 2017, is entitled "Global Resource Locator" (US Patent No. 9,841,494B2) and incorporates University of Oxford's "Atomic Clock" (US Patent No. 8,217,724) and "Nano Clock" (European Patent 2171546) patents. Through its patent license agreement, LocatorX has exclusive global rights to commercialize the invention through 2032.

"We used an almost miraculous kind of molecule allowing us to do atomic physics in the solid state. And we found that the quantum properties of this nitrogen atom are very long lived," said Andrew Briggs, Chair of Nanomaterials, University of Oxford.

"This is all set to revolutionize the world. It will enable enhanced accuracy in positioning of any size object, and it will dramatically increase the speed of communications. Any research scientist gets huge pleasure in seeing what they've discovered making a difference to people's lives. And of all the projects I worked on, I think this has the potential to make the greatest impact," he said. Briggs has over 600 scientific publications with more than 23,000 academic citations and an h-index of 73.

"Professor Briggs is one of the foremost nanomaterials researchers in the world, and it is truly an honor that he has worked with LocatorX to commercialize his academic patents," Meadow said.

LocatorX plans to create many continuation patents to license to entrepreneurial partners around the world so those partners can take full advantage of this fundamental breakthrough in physics for the information technology industry. The continuation allows an applicant to pursue additional claims from the "parent" patent, providing a broader scope of patent protection. "We will license exclusive rights for specific patents with partner companies by industry. In the continuation, we've outlined business use cases for the world's first and only molecular-sized tracking device that allows companies in every industry to track nearly everything, nearly everywhere they need to. A novel security framework will be built into the chips to ensure the trust and privacy of the data for our licensing partners and their customer data," Meadow said.

The company has recently signed its first client, a Fortune 50 consumer products goods company that will utilize LocatorX's initial offerings to track and trace its global shipments.

For questions regarding this press release, to interview Professor Andrew Briggs or Billy Meadow, or for more information about LocatorX, please contact Chris White at 209766@email4pr.com or (904) 903-4445.

About LocatorX

LocatorX, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, offers companies a Certified QR code for logistics, supply chain management and consumer packaged goods that provides a unique, secure time/data/location of any tag scanned with a smartphone. The company is also developing the world's first molecular-sized location tracking device. The device is based on the patented Solid-state Miniature Atomic Clock (SMAC) technology created by a nanomaterials lab at the University of Oxford, to which LocatorX has exclusive rights. For more information, visit locatorx.com.

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