Lightapp Announces Project Engage Expansion Into Texas To Help Manufacturers Operate More Efficiently and Sustainably

14 May 2019

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightapp, an energy and process optimization software company that works with hundreds of manufacturing plants, OEM suppliers and utilities around the world, today announced that Project Engage, a program that gives manufacturers access to cutting-edge resource optimization software to help them operate more efficiently, will be expanding beyond California into Texas.

The California project, led by the California Energy Commission (CEC), Lightapp, UC Berkeley, MIT and the University of Chicago, has helped more than 100 plants throughout the state save hundreds of thousands of dollars and cut just as many tons of carbon emissions. With the expansion of the project to Texas, the program will be offered to thousands of industrial facilities throughout the state to help them operate more sustainably and profitably with Lightapp’s software.

“Today's policymakers are looking to energy efficiency to reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuels and address climate change, but our understanding of how individual behavior influences energy has been historically poor,” said Elhay Farkash, co-founder and CEO of Lightapp.

“Project Engage is helping to narrow that knowledge gap using Lightapp technology to conduct the world's largest demonstration and evaluation, to date, of an innovative energy monitoring system for industrial facilities. Deployed across more than 100 manufacturing facilities in California to measure the effects of resource analytics software and promote new energy policy, Lightapp is an empirically proven, cost-effective approach to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are so proud of the work that has been done in California and are looking forward to similar success in Texas and the rest of the country,” said Farkash.

With Project Engage, manufacturers and individual plants that might not previously have had the budget or risk tolerance to start leveraging IoT technology in their plant will gain full access to Lightapp. Insights into consumption, energy efficiency, operational efficiency and machine performance are incredibly useful for engineers and maintenance managers at the plant level to discover and prioritize maintenance activities and for plant managers, purchasing managers and CFO’s to justify capital expenditure and track KPI’s across multiple facilities.

Supporting Quotes

“Climate change impacts all of us, so it’s great to see this highly successful project we supported extended to industry in other communities.”
- Laurie ten Hope, Deputy Director of the California Energy Commission’s Research and Development Division

“The engage project was a great, low risk way to learn how Lightapp’s software worked and where it could be applied in our plant to improve our operations. We started with one system and quickly recognized the value and importance of expanding Lightapp to other areas of our plant.”
- Ben Duncan, Process Improvement Engineer at Pepsi

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