Knewton launches Altapass, an all-access pricing option, making Alta even more affordable for students

22 January 2019

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Knewton, the world's leader in AI-driven teaching and learning, today launched Altapass, an all-access pricing offer for Alta, the company's adaptive learning courseware for U.S. higher education. With Altapass, students can access multiple Alta products across a single subject area for up to two years, and for unlimited use, for $79.95. Additionally, Knewton has reduced the price of a single-course Alta subscription from $44 to $39.95.

Knewton puts achievement in reach for everyone. (PRNewsfoto/Knewton)

By introducing the new pricing options, Knewton is making Alta even more affordable and accessible, helping to put achievement within reach for the students who need it most.

Students wishing to purchase Altapass for Fall 2019 may do so beginning Aug. 1 at Students may still purchase access to a single Alta course via monthly subscription for $9.95 per month.

At launch, Altapass will be available across all 36 Alta products in the following subject areas:

  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Economics

Knewton brings Alta to scale with Altapass

Knewton's effort to make Alta more accessible and affordable comes one year after the product's successful introduction in the U.S. higher education market. Launched in January 2018, Alta was used by instructors at more than 250 colleges and universities during the Fall 2018 term.

"It's clear that we have something special with Alta. Now, we're making it even more affordable and accessible, so that the students who need Alta the most can benefit from its impact on learning outcomes," said Brian Kibby, CEO of Knewton. "We've turned the cost structure of our company into a competitive advantage — not just for Knewton, but for students looking for better results at an affordable price."

"By keeping Alta's pricing simple and consistent across subject areas, we're taking a lot of the mystery out of the cost of course materials for students. We're also making Alta more affordable for the high number of students who are using Alta in more than one course in a single subject area," said Heather Shelstad, Knewton's VP of Marketing. "We're giving students the power to decide which purchasing plan is right for them, and helping them save money no matter which option they choose."

Knewton releases new insights into student usage, engagement and performance with Alta

To provide fresh insight into how Alta makes an impact on learning outcomes, Knewton's data science team released a series of findings regarding student usage, engagement and performance during the Fall 2018 term. They include:

  • Students are staying engaged with Alta throughout the semester. The rate of weekly student usage of Alta increased by 25% in Fall 2018. On average, students spend 2.8 hours per week in Alta.
  • Students who use Alta are engaged when they need it most. When students get a question wrong in Alta, 38% of the time, they engage with the personalized instruction Alta provides.
  • Students who begin Alta assignments go on to complete them. 88% of the time, students who attempted an assignment actually completed it. This rate has remained consistently high over time: during Alta's 2017 beta release, students completed their assignments 87% of the time.
  • Alta is associated with higher test scores. Students who completed Alta assignments performed 22% better on tests. Of students completing Alta assignments, those who used Alta's AI-driven Review Center to prepare for an exam performed 9% better on tests.

Knewton recently published the results of an independent study of Alta's effectiveness led by the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University. The study's findings drew a link between Alta and improved student performance across student ability levels, classrooms and institutions.

"Knewton is an outcomes company," added Kibby. "While access and affordability represent a key part of Alta's value proposition, there's nothing more important than its ability to deliver results for students and instructors. We're going to keep challenging ourselves to set a new standard for transparency regarding those results."

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