Jobes Tech Launches a New Division Fueling Enterprise-Class Business Transformation Across Verticals

1 February 2023

Jobes Technology Solutions a transformational technology company pioneering smart technology solutions, announced the launch of its new corporate division, Majime to futureproof enterprises through its integrated automation platform and its agile workflows. Through its end-to-end digital transformation stack, Majime can support organizations that are looking for omnichannel communication and business operations management in one place without interruption to business operations.

"As technology changes, so do the needs of our client's", says Jobes Technology Solutions CEO, William Jobes. "Today, more than ever, information, resources, and up to date important data for decisions are being asked for by everyone. Majime delivers a platform of document management, data capture, and Artificial Intelligence to solve these much-needed business challenges."

There are three core pillars to Majime's platform solutions: integrated communications tools, centralized information governance and workflow management, as well as real-time business compliance and risk management. Through centralized internal and client communications, organizations can revamp their workflows to deliver more seamless, personalized workflows and access all their communication applications in one place. Through such the combination of cloud automation and various intelligent micro services combined in one interoperability platform, Majime empowers organizations to better allocate their resources towards more complex business processes seamlessly.

In late 2022 itself, Majime rolled out an ancillary digital solution to assist growing organizations with business enhancement tools to amplify their digital experience, presence, and operational design. Part of the Jobes Technology Solutions umbrella, Majime shall provide more details on its expansive digital capabilities in the coming year.

About Majime

Majime is the newest division of Jobes Technology Solutions and empowers enterprise-class organizations with business intelligence workflows and automation workflow solutions to take their business operations to the next level. Our interoperable platform and its digital solutions allow for organizations and their employees to simplify complex business processes and accelerate their growth through intelligent automation. Built to boost intelligent business decisions, we service a wide range of markets and corporate departments with easy to use, agile smart tools.

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