ISI and Balcony are Leading the Revolution in Situational Awareness on Demand

9 September 2019

OR YEHUDA, Israel, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ImageSat International (ISI), a leading end-to-end geospatial intelligence solutions company, is further expanding its presence in the geospatial data services market by establishing a collaboration with, a location-based geo-communication platform. The 'Closeup' solution, supported by BIRD foundation, based on the ISI intelligence platform and capabilities and Balcony solution, proved itself in the last two years as a necessary intelligence tool for quick response in cases of disasters.

This partnership enables geo-data validation by seamlessly aggregating the power of high-resolution satellite imagery with the reach of smartphone users on the ground, providing a new level of insight into developing events. The solution enables sending messages, alerts, or instructions, as well as receiving the necessary detailed ground-level info in the form of text, imagery, video, and live video precisely overlaid on the satellite imagery. The collaboration proved to be fitting to dynamic reality through a quick follow-up on initial triggers by using a combination of high-resolution space imagery and a qualitative in-scene dimension provided by people on the ground.

The existing solution provides a real-time geographical snapshot for the first responders on the ground by incorporating advanced analytics based on artificial intelligence capabilities from deep learning and machine learning, along with extensive use of Big Data. ISI and Balcony's innovative intelligence concept is based on the use of a cheap and ubiquitous sensor (smartphone) in sync with an observation satellite.

By cross-tasking satellite images and mobiles, integrating data from space and ground, 'Closeup' establishes multi-layered intelligence for managing task-packed events. Such as natural disasters, collecting information about a geographic or business point of interest, and verifying a news event.

As the only solution in the market for situation awareness on-demand in real-time, ISI and Balcony connect the users with people at the scene combined with advanced EO capabilities for highly precise, actionable, bi-directional information. Organizations use this solution to generate immediate situational awareness when understanding events in real-time is critical for a successful outcome.

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