India’s First Auto Scan Tested HEPA and ULPA Filters by American Air Filters

3 September 2019

AAF (American Air Filter), a Daikin group company, the world’s largest clean air solutions provider,has become India’s first auto scan tested HEPA and ULPA filters providers. The company has installed EN 1822 testing machine to meet the requirements of testing air filters according to EN1822.

All HEPA and ULPA filters produced by AAF are manufacturedin an ISO Class 8 cleanroom environment. These high efficiency filters are individuallytested by automatic filter scanner EN 1822 testingmachine and packed in controlled environment.


  • Compliant with the new testing standard EN1822
  • Quality control guaranteed in filter production with automated test report generation as a proof of quality in the manufacturing
  • Individual scan testing of high efficiency filters
  • EN 1822 testing machines are precisely built for AAF India facility to meet strict requirements that aims at sustainable high quality of testing air filters.

Through EN1822 testing machine, leak detection and filtration efficiency measurementis performed automatically. Relevant test data and results arelogged in the system after each test and printed test reports areattached to individual filter as a proof of their filtration efficiency. Each printed copy of the test result shows the actual particlepenetration acceptance indicators in a 3D map. This featurecan easily help identify the filter’s performance in a glimpse tothe test result.

The company’s goal is to bring clean air to life by producing high quality air filters consistentwith strict international standards. All AAF manufacturing processesare ISO 9001 certified. Currently, AAF is upholding the highest standard of quality in air filtrationindustry.

About AAF:
Founded in 1921, AAF is a name recognized globally for quality, expertise, and innovation in Air Filtration. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and has operations in 23 countries and 6 R&D centers worldwide. It is a Daikin group company which is a diversified international manufacturing company and a global leader in air-conditioning.

AAF International entered India in 2006 and has established 2 plants in Bangalore and Noida and is headquartered in Bangalore. AAF has occupied an advantageous position in the Indian market and has maintained the leading position in the filter industry.

AAF provides solutions for:

  • IAQ
  • Processed Filtration
  • Gas phase products for gaseous contaminants like VOCs and Corrosion/Toxic gases

AAF is a company with an outstanding industry record. The company has provided clean air for more than 98 years. Superior industry knowledge and an outstanding team of air filtration professionals mean the customers receive top quality products and services at a competitive price. From inexpensive disposable panel filters to high efficiency, extended surface filters with antimicrobial, AAF market the widest range of air filters available. AAF has developed and introduced most of the filter designs throughout the industry, including the mini-pleats, extended surface bag filters and Perfect pleat.

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