High Concrete Group Kicks off $8 Million Manufacturing Revitalization Aimed at Architectural Precast Market

17 July 2019

DENVER, Pa., July 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

High Concrete Group LLC today broke ground on a major revitalization of its award-winning precast concrete production facilities at its Denver, Pa. headquarters. The investment in new equipment, processes and construction will completely overhaul operations on its 148-acre Pennsylvania campus in a bid to extend the company’s growing presence and influence in the world of architectural precast concrete.

Scheduled for completion in mid-2020 at a cost of approximately $8 million, the project is expected to result in 50 to 70 new jobs, and as much as $50 million per year in local revenue when the plant operates at full capacity.

“High is recognized for world-class leadership in architectural precast,” said John (J.) Seroky, High Concrete Group president. “This strategic initiative will bring increased capacity and efficiencies that enable us to serve more customers better. And it signals our commitment to invest in technology that keeps High at the forefront of innovation in the precast market. We are also proud that this initiative will lower our carbon footprint and improve work conditions for our co-workers.”

Architectural precast includes structural and non-structural walls, cladding and panels used as facades for commercial and institutional buildings. Recent examples of High’s architectural work include the new Statue of Liberty Museum which opened in May 2019, and the award-winning 1200 Intrepid office building in the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

High has been long regarded as a leader in structural precast, most notably in parking garages. While the company will continue to serve its structural markets, the project relocates its architectural precast operations into its largest production building which will streamline operations and provide space for future growth.

“After extensive global research, we are utilizing the latest technology available,” said Sean Dixon, plant maintenance asset manager for High Concrete Group. “The technology we are using for batching, mixing and color systems is the best available in the world for architectural precast producers.”  Dixon explained that systems feeding the new mixers will increase the number and variety of aggregates available for architectural mixes, and that new storage areas will improve quality and repeatability.

“The architectural community is demanding high-performing building enclosures. Durable, resilient and energy-efficient architectural precast meets this need,” said Bob Pabst, vice president of sales for High Concrete Group. 

The company will move its structural forms to the building formerly occupied by its architectural operations while maintaining structural capacity at the company’s current volume. A new structural batch plant and related construction will allow for a future “bullet” delivery system reducing batch-to-form times. 

The manufacturing revitalization is the latest in innovation from High Concrete Group. Earlier this year High Concrete Group partnered with Four Seasons Produce in nearby Ephrata, Pa., and with support from the Lancaster Chamber, Red Rose Transit Authority (RRTA) and Commuter Services of Pennsylvania, to provide low-cost transportation for employees at the High Concrete plant in Denver, Pa. from Lancaster City.

About High Concrete Group LLC

Headquartered in Denver, Pa., High Concrete Group’s products include architectural facades, insulated and structural enclosure systems, parking garages, stadiums and other precast structures for commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential applications. Employing more than 400 co-workers, the group has provided precast components for more than 6,000 projects since 1957. High Concrete Group operates plants in Denver, Pa. and Springboro, Ohio; and High Concrete Accessories, a Denver, Pa.-based national precasting embedment supplier. For more information on High Concrete Group, including employment opportunities, visit www.highconcrete.com or e-mail to concrete.answers@high.net.


PHOTO Caption: High Concrete Group LLC leaders and local officials break ground on a manufacturing revitalization at its Denver, Pa. headquarters production facility.
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Image 2: Infographic details High Concrete Group LLC's manufacturing revitalization at its Denver, Pa. headquarters production facility.


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